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I enjoyed Mikael's first group of polaroids so much that I had to create another card about his work. Here is the first part of the series if you missed it the first time around: http://www.vingle.net/posts/395172 Here is what is said about Mikael's work on his website: "Mikael Kennedy began shooting Polaroids in 1999 and since then has embarked on a documentation of his life and travels that is now on it's second decade. In 2006 Kennedy started a blog called Passport to Trespass, regularly publishing his Polaroids as he wandered. 9 Volumes of artist books have been published over the years creating a physcial record of this work. In 2010 Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art, NY began representing Kennedy's Polaroid work and a selection 500 of the Polaroids were shown at the Historic Chelsea Hotel in an exhibit titled 'Shoot the Moon'. Kennedy was subsuquently asked to participate in the International Polaroid Symposium in Cardiff, Wales as an exhibitor and guest lecturer. Kennedy's Polaroids have been published and exhibited internationally and are part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Fine Art in Houston, TX and private collections world wide."
Glad you enjoy it! I was also really blown away by his skill with a polaroid camera. He really brings together so many tricks and techniques into his composition, it really shows that he thoroughly thinks about how to capture images.
This guy is really talented with a polaroid camera. There is some really beautiful work here!