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David Fried's collection "Way of Words" is a series of photograms (or motiongrams as he likes to call them. The motiongrams are slightly different then your normal photogram. David captures these motiongrams with long exposures of sound stimulated sculptures that react and move in real-time to the artist's spoken words. David says, "As information informs matter, each motiongram contains the message it hear, resulting in unique calligraphic symbols in a highly probabilistic language. The actual quote is also heard in the subtitle of each image. "
@caricakes He does in fact add what he said below the image, but just like any voice communication, it doesn't matter what he says but how he says it. Tone of voice, pitch, volume could all differentiate the motion of the spheres
Sound stimulated sculptures? Does he include what he was saying when he created each image or is it up to the audience to figure out what words could have caused the motion?