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i have been wishing valentine easter christmas so how can i forget abt ramadan lol i am a muslim so its finally my blessed month i love soo much mudt wish it naa Happy Ramadan to all muslims wallpapers made by mee for love and happiness in ramadan :-)♥ i love ramadan so please have a happy ramadan everyone nd pray hard nd may all ur wishes come true and may this month become a blessing 4 us all :-)♥ ameen and inshaallah :-)
happy aid
@cherryred thank you so much ♥ happy eid to every musslim in every country we wish this year will be the end for the bad thing and we hope peace for every one ♥♥♥
Almost forget : @mennamoustafa 14 @NurulQanitah @KarimaAlharbi @tyta468 @saraebaghdadi Happy Eid Mubarak cinggu..wish we will face ramadhan again next year and after.
people in my country always pray for gaza in all of mosque after "sholat tarawih".may God bless all of us.ameen.
so far so good..I'm happy finding moslem friend outside my country through vingle
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