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There's a lot of ways to rig wacky rigs (which I introduced here A few variations include: -Weightless Wacky Rig -Tungsten Weighted Wacky rig -Dropshot Wacky Rig ( -Jig rigged You can really customize the wacky rig in a lot of ways by adding more weed guards, rigging it a little different, adding weights, and more! So play with the wacky rig, and check out the video for some short tips on improving your wacky rigs. I've only got one more bass fishing rig to introduce, and then I'll be moving on to a new collection about fishing knot tying.
@happyrock @mcgraffy what she said~~!! the info that would be most necessary for landing a nice catch ^^
@mcgraffy @fallingwater I know I'd like to list foilage types, water conditions, and temperature!
@mcgraffy thank you mike!!
@fallingwater @happyrock ill see whar I can out together.
@fallingwater well that'll take me a bit to put together; what all do you need a chart for?
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