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This is gonna be my last regular card for this collection (but I'll still update it if I find anything cool) and it's some adjustments for the basic Texas Rig! I think this video explains it pretty well, but I want to add just a bit more info about adding weights to your texas rig. If you're using worms or crawlers, the weight is gonna make a big difference. Shallow water requires less weight; heavy cover and deep waters require heavier weights. To stay above cover, you wanna choose a lighter weight so you can pull it over without sinking into it. These basic weight adjustments will make a big difference in how well your rigs work.
Nice :) I really got the knack for bass rigs!
@mcgraffy saw the first one, they look great!
@happyrock im working on some cards about knots!
Sweet video! Texas rig is such a classic that fully understanding it takes a lot of time. You mind if I ask what you're going to work on instead of this? I'll miss these cards! @mcgraffy