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my dear oppas... you were the ones that first helped me to fall in love with kpop. I heard your music, and I loved how your voices sounded! Just beauty. And over the years, I have grown up with your help - thru heartbreaks, thru happy times, thru disappointments and failures, thru successes... it has always been with you by my side. I really want to wish you all the best! I think u are soooo soooo brave in challenging SM. Whether or not u win, u send out such a strong message to the world that NO ONE MESSES WITH JYJ! we are doing the JYJ Fighting project for you to know that u have fans all over the world who really love and support u. Oppas, FIGHTING!
this group is so talented and indivually too
yoo chun..... u r my luv
me encantan los adoro
me encantan estos oppas