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Some of you may be traveling soon and would like to know if your carrier has an international plan or if you can get your phone unlocked. Disclaimer: These rates might change so check the Sprint Website for any updates. ****** SPRINT NETWORK ****** CALLING Sprint Worldwide Voice ($4.99) service allows you to get discounted rates. Rates for minutes depend on country you are visiting. TEXTING Most outbound texting rates seem to be $0.50 and inbound rates $0.05. DATA Prices range from $30 to $80 dollars depending where you are traveling and the amount of data you desire. UNLOCKING Fortunately, Sprint allows you to unlock devices if you are eligible for an unlock. This is a plus if you are traveling for short period of time and would like to connect to a network in the country you are going to using a prepaid plan. Check if you are eligible to unlock your device here: