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Cumar Gold – Nano Curcumin, Anti inflammatory and Pain reliever – 30 capsules
#Cumar_Gold supports the treatment of gastric ulcer – duodenal ulcer, helps to restore health and beauty to women after childbirth, helps wounds, ... DESCRIPTION CumarGold to contain super NanoCurcumin bioavailability, combined with piperin (black pepper extract) may enhance absorption, decrease metabolism and excretion of curcumin in the body. Use CumarGold oral absorption of curcumin for up to 90%, so just use the normal dose (2 -4 capsules / day) have achieved high efficiency in the prevention and treatment support most chronic diseases. Nano Crystal is pure curcumin from turmeric, is formulated with Nano super mini size (30-100 nm), to enhance the bioavailability (absorption and increase efficiency effects) up 50-55 times with ordinary curcumin extract. In nanotechnology, the active ingredient Curcumin is enclosed in tiny polymer, forming the Nano particle size of 30nm-100nm super small, dispersed in water, is rapidly absorbed into the blood and birth 50-55 times higher availability than conventional curcumin (the Kansai et al, 2012) so effectively treated with low-dose superior and safe, non-toxic and side effects.   BENEFITS  OF CUMARGOLD To support the treatment of duodenal ulcer. Help restore health and beauty for women after childbirth. Help improve the healing process and remove its dark pigmentation. Inprove the body resistance and support for patients who are undergoing the chemo- or radiation therapy. Reduce the risk of tumor due to free radicals. Protect liver and improve its function. INDICATION Duodenal ulcer patients. Woman after giving childbirth. Patients after being operated or who have wounds. Patients who are using chemo/radiation therapy. Patients who have chronic diseases, diabetes, hypertention, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, mental disorders. Patients who are having hepatitis, fatty liver, cirrhosis. DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION It should be given orally 30 minutes before meals or 1 hour after meals.  – Preventing diseases: Adult and children more than 12 years: 01 capsule, twice a day. Children 6 to 12 years: 01 capsule, once a day. – Supporting for therapy: Adult and children more than 12 years: 02 capsules, twice a day. Children 6 to 12 years: 01 capsule, twice a day. COMPOSITION OF 1 CAPSULE:   Radix Curcumae longae essences. Extracted nano technology for 1 capsule. Nano Curcumin: 150mg Piperine: 0.3mg 1 (One) box of 3 blisters. Each blister contains 10 capsules.
So sánh giữa tổ yến thô và yến tinh chế loại nào tốt?
Nên mua yến thô hay yến tinh chế, loại yến sào nào tốt cho sức khỏe nhất hiện nay? là những thắc mắc phổ biến trong thị trường yến sào. Những người thường xuyên sử dụng yến sào sẽ ít băn khoăn về các sản phẩm từ tổ yến tuy nhiên không ít chị em có sự hoang mang về món ăn cao cấp này. Yến sào là thực phẩm có giá trị cao không chỉ về dinh dưỡng mà còn đắt đỏ cho nên khi mua sản phẩm này về sử dụng cần tìm hiểu kỹ. Trên thị trường có nhiều loại sản phẩm được bày bán, về cơ bản có 2 loại chính sau đây: - Yến thô, một sản phẩm tổ yến nguyên chất 100%, do chưa qua công đoạn làm sạch nên giá trị dinh dưỡng cao tổ yến này được nhiều người mua về ăn , tuy nhiên khi mua loại này về dùng bạn phải tự tay làm sạch lông và cặn bẩn rồi mới có thể chế biến món ăn. Giá tổ yến thô hiện nay không quá cao và cũng dễ dàng mua được. - Yến tinh chế có hàm lượng dinh dưỡng thấp hơn so với yến thô nhưng giá lại cao hơn do chúng được xử lý và sấy khô nên chi phí cao hơn. Dù vậy loại này lại được dùng nhiều là do chúng tiện lợi cho người sử dụng, vì đã được làm sạch sẽ đẹp trắng tinh nên phù hợp để đem làm quà biếu tặng. Một món quà sức khỏe vô cùng quý giá nếu là sản phẩm yến chuẩn chất lượng. Nhưng thực tế thì luôn phũ phàng bởi mua yến tinh chế chứa nhiều rủi ro . loại yến này đang bị làm giả rất nhiều, bị pha trộn nhiều dẫn đến chất lượng kém thậm chí ảnh hưởng tới sức khỏe, vậy nên người tiêu dùng cần có sự cân nhắc kỹ trước khi mua. Nên lựa chọn sản phẩm từ các shop uy tín, có sự cam kết về chất lượng. Khi mua yến về bạn nên kiểm tra bằng cách ngâm nước lọc để xem tổ yến thật giả như thế nào Kết hợp chưng yến cùng Đông trùng hạ thảo Bhutan chuẩn ngon quá tuyệt vời cho sức khỏe. Tìm hiểu thêm các bài viết liên quan tới yến sào: yến cho bé dưới 1 tuổi
How A Breast Lift Surgery Improves Your Quality Of Life And Self Esteem
Has pregnancy or significant weight loss caused sagging or loose skin in your breasts? Do sagging breasts cause skin irritation? Do you mind your breasts' appearance (due to age-related volume loss)? In this case, a breast lift may be beneficial. This procedure rejuvenates your breasts by repositioning your skin, nipple, and areola. Aside from cosmetic concerns, a breast lift may help with a variety of health issues. What exactly is a breast lift surgery? A breast lift, or “mastopexy,” elevates the nipple and areola. It also removes excess skin and tightens remaining breast tissues, addressing sagging and droopy breasts. If your areola is too big for your breasts, the procedure can fix that too! Why Do Breasts Sag? Breasts can change shape due to age, breastfeeding, and other factors. Underlying health issue Genetics Pregnancy Weight changes Breast Lift Benefits Reverse Breast Sagging Breast ptosis means drooping or sagging breasts. This condition can cause physical, emotional, and cosmetic issues. Fortunately, a breast lift surgery in Mumbai can help. The effects of breast lift on women with significant drooping were studied. Women who had abreast lift surgery between 2002 and 2016 were included. After surgery, patients were asked to rate their experience. The majority of patients reported not only an improvement in breast sagging but also high levels of satisfaction. Another study examined the effects of breast lift on women who had sagging breasts augmented. A questionnaire was used to assess patient satisfaction four years after surgery. The researchers found that breast lifts are safe and provide satisfactory long-term results. Most patients liked their breast shape, size, and symmetry. A third study examined the long-term effects of breast lift surgery on sagging breasts. Patients' before and after photos were taken as well as standardised breast measurements. Following surgery, patients reported increased overall satisfaction and upper pole fullness. Self Confidence Sagging breasts not only cause physical discomfort but also lower self-esteem. This condition limits clothing options and social interaction. A breast lift may help you regain your self-esteem. In one study, researchers evaluated patients' psychological health after cosmetic breast surgery. A 12-item short-form health survey was given to breast lift patients four times: immediately after surgery, one, six, and twelve months later. During this time, patients' self-esteem grew. Anxiety and depression symptoms decreased. From 2002 to 2016, researchers found that 85.6% of patients' self-esteem improved after having consecutive breast lifts. Patients were more satisfied with their results and less sagging of the breasts. Another study examined the psychological effects of various breast lift techniques on sagging women. One month after surgery, the patients' self-esteem improved, according to questionnaires and in-person interviews. The researchers concluded that this improvement was linked to increased satisfaction and decreased physical discomfort after surgery. Better Life Quality Several studies show that breast lift can improve patients' quality of life. This improvement is due to several factors, including body image. Physical aches and pains are gone. Also, it boosts self-esteem. A study compared patients who had breast augmentation with implants to those who had a breast lift. Both patient groups completed a 47-question survey about their post-operative quality of life. The responses were then returned via return mail to the authors. These two groups were pleased with the overall cosmetic outcome, including enlargement and symmetry. A study assessing the effects of combining breast augmentation and breast lift on patients' quality of life discovered an improvement in various aspects of surgery. Patients were pleased with the symmetry correction, scar quality, breast shape, nipple/areola size, and overall result, according to patient satisfaction surveys. A study comparing the effects of various breast lift techniques on patients with sagging breasts found significant improvements in quality of life. After surgery, patients were interviewed in person for six categories. Over the course of this study, the researchers assessed patients' medical and psychological conditions. Less nipple numbness and improved self-esteem were reported by patients. Thus, people's lives have improved. Would a Breast Lift Help? During your initial consultation, your plastic surgeon will examine your health to determine your candidacy for surgery. To design a treatment plan that meets your specific cosmetic and health needs. Large, heavy breasts are a good candidate for mastopexy in Mumbai. The lift is often combined with the reduction. You can benefit from a breast lift if you are troubled by: Low set breasts. Nipples pointing down. Stretched areola. Sagging and deflated breasts. One breast is higher than the other. Your outlook is positive and realistic. You are in good mental and physical health.
برج خنک کننده
سایر مشخصات برج خنک کننده انرژی حرارتی دفع شده در برج خنک کننده به محیط اطراف سبب سرد شدن سیال خنک کاری میشود و از این جهت برج خنک کن را نوعی سردکن صنعتی نیز قلمداد میکنند. انتقال انرژی در برج خنک کننده از طریق گرمای نهان تبخیر سیال خنک کاری صورت میپذیرد و از این رو درصد کمی از حجم در گردش سیال تبخیر شده وارد هوای محیط بیرون میشود. سیال خنک کاری باید درگردش خود در یک سیکل گرمازا و در عبور از برجخنک کننده توانایی دریافت میزان قابل توجهی از انرژی را دارا باشد. در واقع توانایی دریافت انرژی در سیال خنک کاری تحت عنوان ظرفیتگرمایشیویژه مطرح میباشد که بهترین سیال در خنک کنندگی یک چرخهصنعتی آب می باشد. انتقال جرمی بخارات حاصل از تبخیر در برجخنک کننده در صورتی که سیال در گردش از نوع آب باشد سبب افزایش رطوبت نسبی محیط اطراف و تشکیل مه میشود. در نتیجه توصیه میگردد برج خنک کننده در محیط بیرون(outdoor) نصب گردد تا هوای داخل محیط قرارگیری به مرور زمان اشباع نشود و راندمان نهایی (Efficiently) افت نداشته باشد. ابعاد برج خنک کننده در واقع فاکتور اصلی ایجاد سطح مبادله انرژی به شمار می آید . به هر میزان برج خنک کن ابعاد بزرگتری داشته باشد سطح مقطع بزرگتری خواهد داشت و این به معنای انتقال حرارت بیشتر می باشد. ابعاد و اندازه یک کولینگ تاور رابطه مستقیمی با ظرفیت سرمایی یا توان برودتی دارد. برجهای بزرگتر طبیعتاً ظرفیت بیشتری خواهند داشت. امروزه نمونه های از اسکیل بزرگ کاربرد برج خنک کننده را در صنعت در نیروگاه و پالایشگاه ها می توان به راحتی جستجو نمود. در اکثر نیروگاه ها قالباً از برجهای غول پیکر بتنی با سازه هذلولی جهت خنک نمودن حجم بسیار زیادی از آب در ساعت استفاده می شود. در اسکیل کوچک و در ابعاد تقریبی 100 در 100 می توان مشاهده نمود که برجهای خنک کننده کوچک در صنایع کوچک همانند تزریق پلاستیک ، گلاب گیری و عرق گیری استفاده میگردد. کاربرد برج خنک کننده (کولینگ تاور): برج خنک کن یا کولینگ تاور به صورت گسترده در صنایع مختلف به کار گرفته می شود، از جمله صنایع پتروشیمی، نیروگاه، کارخانجات شیمیایی، غذایی، دارویی، صنایع ریخته گری و ذوب فلزات، خودرو و قطعه سازی اکثر ماشین‌آلات صنعتی همانند کوره‌ها، بویلرها و توربین‌ها در چرخه‌کاری خود مقداری حرارت اضافی تولید می‌کنند. وظیفه برج خنک کننده صنعتی در چرخه این ماشین‌آلات و تجهیزات، جذب و دفع گرمای اضافی ایجادشده می‌باشد. توربین‌های گازی در پالایشگاه‌ها، کمپرسورهای هوا در نیروگاه‌ها و دیگ‌های بخار در صنایع از مهمترین تجهیزات سرد شده با کولینگ‌تاور به شمار می‌آید. وظیفه استخراج این انرژی حرارتی به عهده سیال هوا است. کاربری ماشین‌های برودتی دیگر همچون چیلر نیز در صنایع کوچک و بزرگ رایج می‌باشد. هزینه‌های بالا در مصرف انرژی، تعمیر و نگهداری دشوار چیلرها، موجب استقبال صنعت از برج خنک کننده گردیده است. در صنایع سیمان و فولاد و ذوب فلزات نیز در راستای خنک کاری کوره و بویلر یکی از اساسی ترین دستگاه‌های سیستم تبرید محسوب می گردد. به عنوان مثال دیگر در صنعت تزریق پلاستیک از این تجهیز به عنوان سیستم خنک کاری سیکل روغن مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد. انواع کولینگ تاور با وجود گذشت سالها از طراحی کولینگ تاور ها، انواع برج های خنک کننده در ابعاد مختلف موجود می باشند. هر کدام از این برج های خنک کننده با ظرفیت های مخنلف وجود دارند، به همبن دلیل لازم است تا دلیل دسته بندی آن ها مشخص شود.باید توجه داشت که علیرغم تنوع در طراحی، اساس کار همه برج های خنک کننده گرفتن حرارت از ساختمان یا تاسیسات صنعتی و انتقال آن به محیط از طریق تبخیر آب است. برخی از عوامل دسته بندی برج های خنک کننده عبارتند از: 1- مکش مکانیکی هوا در داخل کولینگ تاور 2-کولینگ تاور اتمسفریک 3-برج خنک کننده هیبریدی 4-برج خنک کننده هوا خنک 5-مورد استفاده شده در ساخت بدنه کولینگ تاور 6-شکل برج خنک کننده 7-برج خنک کننده بر اساس نوع انتقال حرارت هر یک از این عوامل به تنهایی یا با هم می تواند در طراحی برج خنک کننده موثر باشند. به عنوان مثال طراحی برج خنک کننده بر اساس روش انتقال حرارت منجر به دسته بندی برج های خنک کننده به سه مدل برج خنک کننده مدار باز، برج خنک کننده خشک، برج خنک کننده مدار بسته می شود پكينگ برج خنک کننده اين آب بروي پكينگ ها حركت مي كند همزمان هوا از لبه هاي كنار وارد دستگاه مي شود و از ميان صفحات پكينگ برج خنك كننده عبور مي كند، مبادله حرارت و جرم در ناحيه پكينگ صورت مي گيرد و بدينوسيله آب خنك مي شود و در تشت دستگاه جمع مي شود. پكينگ برج نقش اصلي را در ايجاد سطح تماس ميان آب و هوا دارد و در حقيقت قلب دستگاه مي باشد، اين پكينگ از ورق هاي از جنس پي وي سي ساخته ميشود كه داراي گام و مشخصات مشخص و منحصر به فردي است، براي تهيه اين نوع پكينگ مطابق نمونه اصلي با شركت هلدینگ صنایع برتر تماس حاصل فرماييد. در تصوير زير كاتالوگ برج خنك كننده ( سري MX ) را ملاحظه مي فرماييد. اين دستگاه ها را مي توان به صورت ماژولار در كنار يكديگر نصب شوند و به همين جهت فضاي كمتري اشغال خواهند كرد. به دليل ورود هوا از دو طرف برج خنك كننده جريان متقاطع و بسته بودن دو طرف ديگر ، مي توان سلول هاي برج خنك كننده را به صورت مدولار در حالي كه فضاي كمي اشغال مي كنند در كنار هم و به صورت سري قرار داد. در دو طرف بسته دستگاه امكان تعبيه درب ورود وجود دارد بنابراين ورود اپراتور و تعميرات برج خنك كننده به درون دستگاه به راحتي امكان پذير است. معمولا به دليل ملاحضات مربوط به شكل گيري مسير جريان هوا و آب، ساختار دستگاه بزرگ تر است و ساخت اين دستگاه پر هزينه تر از برج خنك كننده جريان مخالف است. پکینگ فیلمی این مدل پکینگ تحت نام پکینگ فیلمی در انواع برج های خنک کننده مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد. پکینگ های فیلمی در دو متریال PVC و PP طراحی و تولید می شوند. پکینگ های فیلمی برج خنک کننده دارای شکلی شبیه لانه زنبور یا شانه تخم مرغ می باشند. پکینگ های فیلمی که اصطلاحاً به پکینگ آبشاری برج خنک کننده نیز شناخته می شوند انواع مختلفی دارند. پکینگ های لانه زنبوری دارای مشخصه ای می باشند که به آن گام مدیا گفته می شود. در ساختار قطعات جانبی انواع برج خنک کننده از پکینگ فیلمی استفاده و بهره برداری می شود. پکینگ اسپلش پکینگ اسپلش نوعی مدیا در برج خنک کننده می باشد که با ایجاد جریان پاششی با تبدیل قطرات به ذرات کوچک تر سبب ایجاد سطح تبادل حرارت می شود. پکینگ های اسپلش برج خنک کننده انواع مختلفی دارند که رایج ترین آن ها نوع نت اسپلش، تیوب اسپلش و گرید اسپلش می باشد. البته نوع دیگری از پکینگ های اسپلش برج خنک کننده تحت نام پال رینگ در انواع اسکرابر و برج خنک کننده به کار برده می شود. به این مدل مدیا پکینگ رندوم اسپلش نیز گفته می شود. برج خنک کننده خشک: در این مدل آب نقشی ندارد، بلکه سیال فرایندی با عبور از یک مبدل توسط هوا خنک می شود. برج خنک کننده مدارباز: خنک سازی در این برجها با تبخیر آب انجام می شود. از مزایای این تجهیزات بازده بالای انرژی است، اما مشکل اصلی آن هزینه بر بودن بهره برداری آنهاست. برج خنک کننده مداربسته: شبیه برج خنک کن مدار باز عمل می کند با این تفاوت که سیال فرایندی با هوای خنک تماس پیدا نمی کند. سیستم توزیع آب در برج های خنک کن گرد از سیستم پاشش آب Sprinklerhead استفاده شده که یک سیستم محرک بوده و معمولا دچار مشکلات متعددی مانند گرفتگی سوراخهای لوله و همچنین جام کردن بدلیل خرد شدن بلبرینگ ها میباشد . با توجه به اینکه شاخک های جانبی فقط قسمت زیرین خود را خیس می نمایند ، در صورت حرکت نکردن اسپرینکلر قسمت زیادی از پکینگ خشک مانده و راندمان دستگاه به شدت کاهش می یابد . در برج های خنک کن مکعبی از سیستم نازل های ضد رسوب مربع پاش Dek Spray براساس طرح Brentwood آمریکا استفاده می گردد که یک سیستم ثابت بوده و به بهترین حالت ممکن آب بر روی پکینگ ها توزیع می گردد . سیستم کاهش سرعت در برج های خنک کن گرد از سیستم کاهش دور تسمه و پولی استفاده می گردد که این امر باعث افزایش لرزش سیستم و اتلاف راندمان می شود ، ضمن اینـکه کارکرد تسـمه ها در معرض بخـار آب و نور آفتاب باعث استحلاک سریع تسـمه ها شده و سـیستم نیازمند تعویض متـوالی تسمه به عنـوان قـطعه مصرفی می باشد . در برج های خنک کن مکعبی با سایز کوچک از الکتروموتورهای دور پایین بصورت کوبل مستقیم با فن استفاده شده که دارای کمترین لرزش و بالاترین راندمان می باشد . در برج خنک کن پیشنهادی با سایز بزرگتر این شرکت نیز از سیستم کاهش دور توسط گیربکس استفاده میشود که مزایای قابل توجهی نسبت به سیستم کاهش دور تسمه، پولی دارد. سیستم هوادهی در برج های خنک کن گرد از فن های 4 پره استـفاده شده که دارای هوادهـی پایـینی می باشد . در برج های خنک کن مکعبی این شرکت از فن های 6 و 8 پره استفاده شده که دارای حداقل 50% هوادهی بالاتر در دورهای یکسان است . استحکام بدنه در برج های خنک کن گرد با توجه به تعداد زیاد قطعات و استـفاده از پیچ و مهره های فلزی فراوان ، همـچنین نازک بودن بدنه ، استحکام دستگاه پایین بوده و به مرور زمان و بر اثر لرزش دستگاه قسمت های سوراخ کاری شده ترک برداشته و تبدیل به شکستگی در بدنه شده وآب بندی دستگاه دچار مشکلات عدیده می گردد. برج های خنک کن مکعبی ساخت این شرکت به گونه ای طراحی شده که دارای کمترین مقدار سوراخ کاری بوده وکمترین میزان فشار برروی پیچ و مهره های موجود وارد میشود. همچنین نقاط تمرکزتنش با استفاده از لایه های اضافی تقویت می گردد. تمامی لایه های قطعات فایبرگلاس با استفـاده از رزین ایزوفتالیک تولید شده که نسبت به انواع دیگر دارای 2.5 برابر استحکام بالاتر می باشد. همچنین ضخامت قطعات فایبرگلاس درستون ها و تشتک برج ها به 12mm می رسد . اتلاف آب در برج های خنـک کن گرد با توجه به عدم استـفاده از قطره گیر در اکثر تولیدات ، پرتاب آب از قسمت فن به میزان قابل توجهی اتلاف آب وجود دارد . در برج های خنک کن مکعبی با توجه به وجود قطره گیر میزان پرتاب آب به بیرون به کمترین مقدار خود می رسد . راندمان ترمودینامیکی برج های خنک کن مکعبی با توجه به پاشش آب یکنواخت و سرعت هوای حدود 3m/s درسطح مقطع یکسان نسبت به برج های خنک کننده گرد دارای میزان خنک کنندگی بیشتری می باشد .( سرعت طراحی هوا در برج های گرد کمتر از m/s 8/1 می باشد ). کولینگ تاور مکعبی: برج خنک کننده فایبرگلاس مکعبی علاوه بر شکل هندسی چهار وجهی بدنه ای از جنس فایبر گلاس دارد برج مکعبی می تواند هم از نوع جریان متقاطع و هم از نوع جریان مخالف باشد. این نوع برج خنک کننده به دلیل سادگی طراحی و اجرا دارای طرف داران زیادی در بازار می باشد و همچنین تمامی اجزا بدنه برج خنک کننده از جنس فایبرگلاس می باشد که دارای مقاومت بالا در برابر خوردگی و زنگ زدگی دارد. این نوع از برج های خنک کننده از سایز های کوچک تا تناژ های بالا قابل استفاده است کولینگ تاور مخروطی: برج خنک کننده فایبرگلاس مخروطی علاوه بر شکل هندسی بدنه ای از جنس فایبر گلاس دارد شکل طراحی این نوع برج موجب می شود ۳۰% بازدهی خنک سازی این دستگاه با مکش طبیعی متقابل آب و هوا صورت پذیرد. این امر موجب می گرد تا مصرف انرژی تا اندازۀ قابل توجهی کاهش یابد.و همچنین تمامی اجزا بدنه برج خنک کننده از جنس فایبرگلاس می باشد که دارای مقاومت بالا در برابر خوردگی و زنگ زدگی دارد. این نوع از برج های خنک کننده از سایز های کوچک تا تناژ های بالا قابل استفاده است. فن برج خنک کننده فن ‌های برج خنک کننده نقش مهمی در خنک سازی برج خنک کننده دارند و از نوع فن محوری یا فن گریز از مرکز می ‌باشند. فن برج خنک کننده با هدف ایجاد فشار نسبی در هوا و انتقال آن به بخش پکینگ های برج خنک کننده سبب خنک تر شدن آب می ‌شوند. پکینگ برج خنک کننده برای افزایش تبادل حرارتی بین جریان آب و هوا در داخل برج خنک کننده از پکینگ ‌ها استفاده می شود که با افزایش سطح تماس جریان آب با هوا و همچنین کاهش سرعت جریان آب، در خنک سازی جریان آب نقش موثری دارند. پکینگ ‌های برج خنک کننده به صورت شبکه ‌ای بوده و در دو نوع غشایی و اسپلش در برج خنک کن‌ها مورد استفاده قرار می‌گیرند. حوضچه یا باسین در قسمت زیرین برج خنک کننده قرار دارد و آب خنک شده در آن جمع آوری شده و به سمت سیستم‌ های سرد سازی هدایت می ‌شود. قطره گیر برج خنک کننده تیغه‌ های قطره گیر برای جلوگیری از پخش ذرات آب و ممانعت از خروج آن ها به محیط بیرون از برج خنک کننده به کار می ‌روند. نازل برج خنک کننده نازل های برج خنک کننده در اکثریت انواع کولینگ تاور تیپ مکعبی فایبرگلاس یا فلزی مورد استفاده قرار می‌ گیرند. وظیفه اصلی نازل برج خنک کننده یا افشانک در برج خنک کننده پاشیدن آب داغ بر روی پکینگ های کولینگ تاور و تماس آن ها با جریان هوای مکشی یا دهشی فن به حساب می آید. نازل های پاششی عمدتاً سیستم ثابتی در پاشش دارند و به دو دسته تحت فشار و ثقلی تقسیم بندی می‌ شوند.
Keyvan Heydari Shovir Mural Work Featured in Girlboss Netflix Series
This project is in memory of three female Iranian literary figures, poet Forough Farrokhzad, poet Simin Behbahani, and author Simin Daneshvar. by SHAGHAYEGH CYROUS and Keyvan Shovir “In Memory of, “is a mural that has been painted in 2015, in memory of three contemporary female Iranian literary figures, activists and poet Forough Farrokhzad, poet Simin Behbahani, and author Simin Daneshvar. They became the inspiration, and influential women figure who changed women's expectations and roles in society. you can see the series here Last summer, CAMP was contacted by Netflix about shooting a scene in Clarion Alley for a new series called Girlboss that would be released in 2017. CAMP had worked with Netflix in 2014 for the Wachowski sister’s project, Sense8. CAMP had agreed to allow the Sense8 series to film on the alley because the scene featured two of the lead characters on the show who are lesbian, one being a transgender woman. As a strong supporter of trans rights, CAMP believed a series written and executive produced by Lilly and Lana Wachowski (with J. Michael Straczynski) was an excellent opportunity to bring this support to the mainstream. When Sense8 was released in June 2015, members of CAMP watched with pride as our project was included in episode 2 of a narrative that is smart, intriguing, and thoughtful with complex characters that audiences can empathize with and support. Sadly, that was not the experience that other members of CAMP and I had when we viewed the release of Girlboss on April 21stof this year. The series was pitched to CAMP as a show about the empowerment of women, created and produced by women, including executive producer Charlize Theron. Granted, the first indicator that something was amiss in that summary was the very title “Girlboss.” However, based on CAMP’s previous experience with Netflix and CAMP’s straightforward communication with the representatives of Netflix as to what types of programming the project supports and what it doesn’t, CAMP trusted that the result would be similar to the Sense8 experience. NOT. At all. Keyvan Shovir - کیوان شویر
Sufi Art
I spent around two months in Britain around summer 2010. In a typical rainy day in London, I got an invitation from a British artist to draw a mural work on one of their sites. I’m not an expert in London locations; however, I joint them somewhere around the Oval station in South London. I worked on this mural project for a day. During that day I was with one of the best Iranian photographers Mohsen Shahmardi who was responsible for video recording and photo shooting. This is Persian calligraphy on “Love” or “عشق” inspired by Iranian poet Rumi. Rumi is a Sufi scholar, writer, and poet, and he is one of the most famous masters in the history of Islam. Not only that his poetries are wide acclaimed, but his teachings are also very much inspiring and far-reaching. He teaches unconditional acceptance, tolerance, patience, love, compassion, and benevolence. His famous ‘Seven Pieces of Advice’ has passed down all the years and is still very much revered in the present time. The Seven Pieces of Advice epitomizes the highest sentiment of humanity, transcends religious boundaries, and encompasses the universal values of all religions: In generosity and helping others: be like the river In compassion and grace: be like the sun. In concealing others’ faults: be like the night. In anger and fury: be like the dead. In modesty and humility: be like the soil. Intolerance: be like the ocean. Either you appear as you are, or: be as you look. Sufi Dancer -Mixed media on canvas -40X40 inches see more works on my website #keyvanheydarishovir #keyvan Shovir #keyvan Heydari Shovir #Ck1 keyvan shovir
Exercising Enhances The Probability Of Getting Slim
The mill worker does a wide array of exercising, from less active to quite difficult work. The researchers saw that calorie consumption was higher in staff in contact with a larger work desire, only for average-to-great degrees of exercising. The beneficial impact of participating in routine workouts training is impartial of weight loss. Physical exercise and diet regime are interrelated because ideal adaptation for the stress of exercising training generally needs a diet plan which is not enough a variety of nutrients and vitamins. Nevertheless, they will not use up more calories every day, an unexpected discovering that implicates the metropolitan children’s updated diet programs with their putting on weight. Although you are revving your pulse rate, like when working, fishing or cycling, you will likely rev your metabolic process. The Simple Promise may be the Business that companies the VivaSlim supplement beneath rigid security requirements to permit greater fat loss outcomes with a secure dose. The VivaSlim supplement is the anti-overweight solution that comes in liquid to assist healthier weight-loss to aid folks irrespective of their ages or gender. Natural Home Remedies That Will Help You Lose Tummy Fat Due to its stomach-cutting materials referred to as catechins, green tea leaf is the ideal cleansing drink to shed stomach fat. You should consider swapping the normal coffee with green tea leaf, as studies show 4 to 5 servings from the green tea are required to begin seeing the positive aspects. “The short response is that dropping abdominal fat needs a lifestyle change, and there is absolutely no fast solution. Whether you are overworked or stressed, persistent pressure might be one issue adding to tummy fat. Hence, the VivaSlim supplement allows you to attain a slim and hotter body by overcoming excess fat storage space in the body. The usage of herbal treatments to shed weight is not advised through the healthcare neighborhood due to the danger of toxicities and insufficient specialized medical performance. Moreover, natural remedies for losing weight can be a lasting therapy that may grow to be obsessive. Do not get herbal treatments if you have a long-term medication. A Bunch Of Cardiovascular WithOut Weight Training Exceeding 500 quality recipes, 150 exercise routines, and many skilled-well guided dish and exercise ideas, you will get support for all of your fitness and health quest. Studies have shown that localized fat reduction depends upon your gender (not your training session program!). If you pass by the 1000s of VivaSlim reviews online, the supplement’s credibility is guaranteed by dedicated consumers who may have noticed the results of its everyday use. With situps or other abdomen workouts, you happen to be tightening the stomach muscles but not getting rid of intra-belly fat. Research demonstrates that extra carb ingestion could cause belly fat, each visceral and subcutaneous. This complete VivaSlim review addresses your real concerns regarding the supplement. Stick to a frequent exercise schedule and consume a healthy diet plan, and you may discover a positive change within your weight with time. Spot Reduction And Fat Loss Shedding fat and muscle development are not mutually distinctive, and both of them are essential for enduring weight reduction and long-term physical fitness. We have a few pre-determined questions relating to the key topic of fat loss than muscle building soon after. Raising weight can boost muscles size, but it fails to make a significant difference regardless of whether subcutaneous body fat is situated into it. People who are a novice in weight training have a superior prospect of fairly speedy muscle mass gain. Many studies point towards the brilliance of weight training for fat reduction.
What Are The Benefits of a Healthy lifestyle
With the exaggerated understanding of our bodies that we've gained from science over the past few decades, the benefits of a healthy manner have gotten plenty apparent, besides the reasons why we have a tendency to should always detoxify the body a minimum of once a year to induce obviate harmful microorganism, and even worms, from our gastrointestinal system. Let's investigate eight simple benefits of a healthy manner 1. Your Health: Good Health is not one factor that you simply} just purchase from a drugstore or an outlet, but is achieved by active collective patterns of health-related behavior, supported choices, and products of out there decisions. Following this logic, if you would like to know the benefits of a healthy manner, you've to repeat some healthy patterns as a region of your daily or weekly activities, some patterns like intake right and physical exertion. completely different benefits include: Reduced health care costs, reduced ill-health, and injuries, reduced doctors visit, Keeping you used, and improved employee/employer relations. 2. Weight: Managing your weight is the key to attaining all of the health benefits in a Healthy Manner. A weight reduction of merely Ten Commandments will significantly crop risk of cardiovascular disease and completely different obesity-related illnesses. Obesity/overweight is that the second leading tributary issue to many childhood diseases like orthopedic disorders, apnea, kind II DM, asthma, high sign and alcohol, skin disorders, emotional and psychosocial problems (Spigel, 2002), and plenty of. Weight-bearing exercise like walking and strength work helps slow the onset of and/or stop pathology and many analysis shows that participating in such activities can really build bone density and begin to reverse the sickness. completely different benefits are Weight reduction, reduced tension and stress, improved well-being, accrued self-image, and vainness, and improved physical performance. 3. Exercise: Although drugs alone can typically bring alcohol all the way down to ancient levels, diet and exercise offer benefits that drugs don't. they're going to lower signs, crop weight, and lower the danger of developing genetic defects. An inactive manner is also a dangerous risk issue for sickness. Exercise and a healthy diet facilitate the body's use of hormones plenty efficiently and should facilitate the management, alleviate and stop many diseases. Exercise, stop tobacco consumption, intake a high-fiber, diet, dominant weight, and learning to modify stress, crop the danger of cardiovascular disease. 4. Medical: We all would like to trim and have a healthy body for an expansion of aesthetic, social, and medical reasons. Healthy living is truly the best medicine. Throughout a study conducted by Tufts University at the geographical region middle, among patients with the disorder, an associate exercise program was shown to significantly crop cholesterin and completely different risk factors on the way aspect of what's provided by drug treatment. Even modest weight loss can save on full body checkups. facilitate crop medical and pharmacy costs, facilitate bariatric surgery, and co-morbidities like disease, high force per unit area, and genetic defect. 5. Wellness: Wellness is related to being cozy in your space: your body, your angle, and your setting. A healthy manner can greatly increase an individual's longevity. And despite the fact that catching one factor contagious form of a chilly or respiratory disorder is typically ineluctable, having the data that feeling healthy is also the next due to life got to have you ever asked yourself why you are not taking action to live daily as beneficially as getable. the problem with countless people recently is that they are so busy operative and/or taking care of everyone around them, that they neglect their own health and eudaimonia. ensure your heart is healthy and your bones unit strong and Keep it that due to seeing the benefits of a healthy manner. 6. Care: The best due to guarantee physiological condition is by taking care of yourself. The Care stakes unit high but the unit of the potential reward great-preventing premature death, additional ill health, and incapacity, dominant health care value, and maintaining a major quality of life into maturity. With a healthy manner, you are a global organization agency you are and you are doing not got to be self-conscious relating to those things that you simply} just otherwise would be if you probably did not care relating to your manner 7. Control: With a healthy manner, you've plenty of management of your life as you are utilized in conjunction with your body against those aspects of living which might work to hold you back if you'd permit them to. With a healthy manner, you've management over your sleep patterns thus you feel generally well spirited throughout the day. With a healthy manner, everything works to help completely different aspects of your manner add up and profit you. Science has established that healthy weight loss, healthy intake, and fitness routines produce dramatic enhancements in health, and facilitate the management of common chronic illnesses like high alcohol, high sign, diabetes, stress, and general lack of stamina. 8. Strength: Another sensible factor in a few healthy manners is also a gradual flow of stamina and strength; you may perform activities and exercises which is able to enhance your flexibility. With a healthy manner, you have a balanced and varied diet that provides your body its needed nutrients and energy in addition. you have the strength to teach to help build the muscle that supports the bones and joints; thus decreasing the danger of falls and fractures. vas exercise, collectively known as a workout, strengthens the heart muscle, thus can increase the heart's efficiency. As we age, our bones biologically begin to lose mass and strength. Weight-bearing exercise like walking and strength work helps slow the onset of and/or stop pathology and many analysis shows that participating in such activities can really build bone density and begin to reverse the sickness. The good news is you are not getting to train like an associate Olympic contestant to induce pleasure from the benefits of a healthy manner. The key and logic unit continues a particular healthy pattern as a region of your daily or weekly activities. we've got a bent to hope that this may get you to a healthy manner if you are not there already. A healthy manner is also an approach to life.
How To Pick The Best Plastic Surgeon For Your Rhinoplasty
Recent advancements in cosmetic surgery have allowed surgeons to achieve more natural, aesthetically pleasing, and elegant results. But no amount of advanced technology or surgical techniques can replace a skilled facial plastic surgeon's artistic eye and skill. Simply put, not all surgeons are equal. This is especially true of Rhinoplasty (also known as a "nose job"). The nose, along with the eyes and smile, is one of the most noticeable facial features. While you want a surgeon who will perform a safe procedure with minimal recovery time, you also want a surgeon who has the experience, artistic ability, and knowledge of nose anatomy to produce a stunning result. However, some surgeons lack the training and experience required to perform exceptional facial surgery. It is better to find out well before surgery! Before choosing a surgeon for your Rhinoplasty in Mumbai, do your homework well. Find out about the procedure and the surgeon from those who have had a successful Nose Job. Check reviews and inquire. Your experience will suffer if you are afraid to ask questions or communicate clearly. Before selecting a surgeon for your Rhinoplasty, consider asking her/ him the following: What are your qualifications? You can usually look up a surgeon's education, training, and board certifications online. A lack of a website by your plastic surgeon may be a red flag. Choose a Board certified surgeon. These surgeons have undergone extensive specialised training and are truly dedicated to facial plastic surgery. The number of rhinoplasties performed? A good surgeon will have performed hundreds, if not thousands, of these procedures over the course of his career. Like anything else, practise makes perfect. Choose a surgeon with the "numbers" to develop advanced technique and expertise. Please share your before and after photos? This is a fair and common request. Verify that your surgeon's photos are of actual patients, not stock photos. This will help you understand the surgeon's skills. Please show me some happy Rhinoplasty patients' testimonials? Reputable surgeons should be able to easily produce patient testimonials and before and after photos. If a surgeon refuses to provide these, he may simply lack them. Can you make my nose look like a famous person's? If you have a celebrity "nose crush," ask the surgeon if you can have your nose shaped like theirs. Be wary of a surgeon who claims to be able to duplicate another's nose. It may not be possible or desirable to give you an exact copy unless your nose and face share the same shape and bone structure. Responsable nose surgeons will work with you to develop a plan that meets your needs while remaining realistic. What is the procedure's cost? The cost of Rhinoplasty in Mumbai should be fairly consistent if you choose surgeons with similar levels of expertise. If a surgeon quotes you a price significantly lower than others, proceed with caution. You get what you pay for in life, and a Rhinoplasty is not something you want to skimp on. While a new, well-done nose can boost patients' confidence, a new, poorly done nose can do the opposite. Remember that paying another surgeon to fix it later isn't saving you any money.
How COVID-19 Impacted on Potato Chips in Food and Beverages Industry ?
COVID-19 Impact on Potato Chips in Food and Beverages Industry Countries worldwide have faced numerous consequences due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Most of the industries have been affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both in positive and negative ways. The pandemic has disrupted the economy of the U.S., which is considered one of the major economies in the world, by disrupting all the businesses. Government restrictions, shutdown of the businesses, and income losses are some of the reasons behind the disruption of the economy. However, the demand for some products grew even at the time of COVID-19 pandemic. Snacks, such as potato chips, tortilla chips, and others, have grown in demand during the COVID-19 as people were more concerned about stocking up food edibles. Consumers shifted to budget spending on ready-to-eat products with long shelf life products such as potato chips, tortilla chips, and others. Key players in the market have acquired small companies during the pandemic as the demand for potato chips was high. For instance, · In January 2020, J.R. Simplot Company acquired Pinnacle Agriculture. This acquisition represents a significant and important milestone for the J.R. Simplot Company, and it will help the company reach new heights. However, disruption in supply chain has directly affected the production of various small potato chips companies, further decreasing the growth rate during COVID-19. STRATEGIC DECISION BY GOVERNMENT TO BOOST THE MARKET The step that the government is planning to take towards the comeback of the food industry is to make the industry less dependent on imports. Most of the manufacturers have decided to reduce their dependence on China for supplies. Many companies are trying to shift their supplies from China to other countries. This is one of the steps suggested by the government in discussion with the potato chips manufacturing companies to keep the supply chain unhindered. The new rules and mandates were introduced and implemented for the people's safety such as social distancing, utilization of masks and sanitizers, and many others. STRATEGIC DECISIONS FOR MANUFACTURERS AFTER COVID-19 TO GAIN COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE In 2020, the global potato chips market witnessed positive growth. However, the manufacturers of potato chips faced significant challenges during COVID-19 due to lack of transportation and disruption in the supply chain. To gain a competitive market share after COVID-19, the manufacturers have taken certain strategic decisions. · PRODUCTION OF PREMIUM QUALITY PRODUCTS: Several manufacturers are focusing on producing high-quality products with innovative features to improve the demand among the customers. The premium potato chips are chips that are made with high-quality materials. Many manufactures have currently launched many new products during the COVID-19. For instance, · In February 2021, introduced a new line of kettle-cooked potato chips. This launch will increase the customer base of the company. Thus, the following instances show that the global potato chips market in countries U.S. and many others are expected to grow drastically. Furthermore, with the impact of COVID-19, the market for e-commerce and online shopping is likely to grow and lead the market in the coming years. IMPACT ON SUPPLY CHAIN As potato chips ingredients are derived from vegetables such as potatoes, the fluctuation in supply of these materials directly impacted the potato chips supply. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the supply chain suffered drastically. Manufacturers of raw materials had stock, but they were not getting enough demand. Moreover, companies faced several issues with the supply of raw materials as most of the country was completely shut down. In this situation, manufacturers faced untimely availability of raw materials. Labor availability was another factor that affected the supply chain of potato chips. At several parts, the manufacturers were struggling for raw material reach, and at the same time, some were struggling to deliver the product. For a few manufacturers, the end-product was ready but could not reach their customers due to restrictions on transportation and thus losing revenue. Thus, the impact on supply is not due to one factor but was from multiple points. IMPACT ON PRICE The prices of potato varieties such as russet, yellow, red, white, fingerling, and purple or blue potatoes witnessed a decline due to outbreak of the COVID-19. The U.S. has significant demand for raw materials such as potatoes and this demand is generally fulfilled with local production. For instance, · In May 2021, Frito-Lay North America is the convenient foods division of PepsiCo, Inc., they issued a voluntary recall of select 16 1/8 oz. bags of Ruffles All DressedPotato Chips because they may contain undeclared milk ingredients, because People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to milk run the risk of a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume the product contained inside the recalled bags, this announcement was published by the FDA as a public service. · In August 2021, Ballreich Snack Food Co. Tiffin, Ohio, recalls its 1.5oz, 2.75oz, and 7oz packages of BAR-B-Q Potato Chips due to a potential contamination Salmonella. An organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Therefore, case of such recalls of products, containing allergenic ingredients and contamination of the products hampers the company popularity and revenue. T IMPACT ON DEMAND The demand for potato chips faced an incline due to the COVID-19 outbreak across the U.S. As most of the countries were under lockdown, the consumption of potato chips increased as it comes under ready-to-eat food items, which witnessed a significant demand in the lockdown period. Thus, the potato chips industry witnessed an incline in the fiscal year 2020 due to the breakout of COVID-19. As the consumption of the potato chips and other type of snacks increased, major players in the food experienced an increase in revenue in fiscal year 2020-2021. In addition, there have been changes in the budgetary support from the government. Another application of potato chips is in confectionery products, convenience food product, and other industries and households. Since these industries have registered high sales during this pandemic, the demand for potato chips has also grown. CONCLUSION The potato chips is mainly used as a snack food. Owing to COVID-19 induced lockdown, the sales of potato chips increased as consumers resorted to filling their shelves with adequate food supplies. Few manufacturers faced issues with supply of raw materials. At the same time, the manufacturers struggled to maintain the supply as per the demand. Also, the gap in supply chain hampered timely availability of end-product in the potato chips market. However, the situation has recovered, and the potato chips market is likely to see normalized growth as compared to 2020 levels as panic buying has disappeared owing to recovery of COVID-19 cases.