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How to change and clean a cine lens

When changing a cine lens, the first and most important point to observe is the cleanliness of the room in which the replacement takes place. It is desirable that the room has no air flow. The device is placed on the screen with a soft cloth to avoid scratches. Next, you need to prepare the cine lens, which should be installed. It is desirable that it was within reach all this time. With the finger of the left hand press the unlock button, after which you can unscrew and remove the lens. Unscrew the lens counterclockwise. It should be put aside.

Then we take a new lens in our hands and attach it in red or white dots (depending on the manufacturer). Once the lens has entered the corresponding grooves, it should be carefully screwed clockwise. When the wire is completely twisted, a distinctive click will sound, indicating that the process is complete.

When replacing the cine lens, various problems may arise. If the lens is stuck, then a few simple steps should be taken:

1.check the instrument display for lens errors;
2.recall if the camera has recently suffered any physical damage;
3.ask for clarification in the user manual.

If the main diagnosis did not help, it is necessary to hit his palm to the side. Light blows to the body sometimes help to resume the work of the stuck lens. Among the options, you can try to clean the tube and connect the camera by the cord to charge it. Sometimes the problem can be hidden by the lack of battery charge.

Still not extend the lens? It can be done by hand. To do this, gently rotate the lens with your fingers, not in automatic mode. Sometimes you can slightly push or try to pull the lens. You can also put the camera with a lens and bang it on the palm of your hand, bent into a handle. If there is a click, it means that the cine lenses have returned to their original position.Sometimes you can try forced autofocus. In some cases, it is possible to correct the images with such an error.

If none of the suggested recommendations helped, it would be best to take the camera to the service.

Cleaning the cinema lens at home

Cleaning the cinema lens is one of the main equipment maintenance rituals that must be performed by almost all users. As a rule, the lens starts to need cleaning after it falls in the rain or after shooting in windy and dusty weather. The larger the circumference of the lens, the more likely it is that debris will accumulate.

To wipe down the cinema lens, you need a clean room and several devices.

First, you need to purge with special bulb (its cost does not exceed 100 rubles). The tip of the bulb is brought to the lens as short as possible and the process itself is carried out. In some cases, especially after the penetration of dry dust, a conventional blow may be sufficient.

If there is still debris on the lens, you can "sweep" it with a special brush. This maneuver will not damage the sensitive lens and will remove the most strongly adhering dust particles. As a rule, this method allows you to clean the surface of the lens from unwanted dry debris. Against wet and greasy stains, it is powerless. To combat divorce, fast evaporating solutions are required, which are applied to a microfiber cloth. After application, the user does not have much time to clean the surface: such solutions "dry" very quickly (evaporate).

If these two methods did not help you, you should use a special program. pencil or microfiber cloth. It is important to remember that you can not use padded discs - they can leave cotton particles on the lens, which will lead to further contamination.

The lens cleaning pencil has two sides: graphite and softer. Graphite side needed to clean frozen debris. This device should be used with care to avoid damage to sensitive optics. To clean problem areas (edges of the lens), it is best to use soft side cleaning pencil.

In the case of using all three devices (a cloth, a pencil and a shvabrochka), it is necessary to touch the surface of the lens carefully, because the lens is very easily damaged. If you have any doubts about your own abilities, it would be better to clean the lens in the service center.

Possessing basic knowledge of the device and the operation of the lens, the user will always be able to independently diagnose and repair minor problems if they occur. In addition, information about the structure and types of cinema lenses allow a more sober assessment of their prospects in photography, which is very important for novice photographers.
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