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My favorite kind of weight loss tip is one that involves eating more rather than less. Studies have shown that eating spicier foods can provide a jump in your metabolism that will help you on your weight loss journey. Capsaicin is the active component in peppers that creates the spicy sensation you feel when you’re eating hot foods like salsa or curry. Along with making you sweat, cry, or beg for mercy, this chemical may also kick start fat burning. After a meal with a significant amount of peppers, your metabolism will be revved up to a higher level for a few hours. This temporary jump in your metabolic rate won’t have a large effect on your overall weight loss, but it will spike your metabolism after a meal, to more efficiently burn off what you have just consumed. Spicy foods also have the ability to make you feel fuller faster, as well as suppressing your appetite. With any weight loss tip, there is good news and bad news. The good news is, for those of us who are not fans of spicy food, even a small amount can heat up your system. The bad news is, like with all substances, our bodies can become immune to lower levels of capsaicin if we are constantly consuming it. So for spicy food addicts, you may need to pile on the jalapeños to get the same benefits. Eating Indian food every night may not make you shed the pounds, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to incorporate more spices into your everyday diet. Now that you know the benefits, ask yourself one question - can you take the heat? Other Benefits of Spicy Food: - Blood Thinner
 Spicy foods are known to work as blood thinners, which helps to prevent blood clots. Countries such as Thailand, where food contains a high level of capsaicin, have a significantly lower rate of blood clot-related diseases. - Anti-Inflammatory
 The spices found in hot foods are known for their ability to help inflammation. Indian foods especially are great anti-inflammatories because of the heavy use of turmeric along with the spicy peppers. - Lower Blood Pressure
 The heat produced by the peppers can increase the power of blood flow to the heart, strengthening your cardiovascular system and lowering your blood pressure.
Whoa, I'm glad we have so many spicy food fans here hahaha I had no idea!
@Sjeanyoon I've heard that too! I love Thai food in the summer :)
I just had Japanese curry for lunch! I kicked it up a spice level~
Regardless, I'm still not trying much spicy food. I bet my tolerance is so low I would just need 1 or two bites, hah.
I don't eat spicy food often (spice often comes with grease in the city!) but I should try eating some the next time I'm feeling sore; I wonder if it's anti-inflammatory properties would really help that.
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