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Juk is one of the oldest Korean dishes. There are many types of juk depending on the ingredients; my personal favourite is pumpkin porridge but others include chicken porridge, mushroom porridge, tuna porridge - the list goes on. Since it is soft and not strongly flavoured, it is easily digestible making it not only good food for sick people, but also for babies and the elderly. Many Koreans like to add ginseng to the porridge to boost the health benefits of the meal. A good bowl of juk warms you up and soothes your stomach so it definitely worth trying~! Suggested restaurants: BonJuk (본죽) 111-22 Nonhyeon-2-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul (서울 강남구 논현2동111-22) +82 2 540 3777
This just looks like pumpkin soup! I'm not so sure about tuna porridge though, that sounds a little too adventurous for me
I love this stuff. I tried making it when I was back in the UK....utter fail.