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Huh, interesting turn of events! I ha heard before that American Gods was going to be an HBO series, but now it seems that Starz will be taking over the project. It's changed hands a few times, so I'm wondering if it will really happen. I've never finished the series (not my thing) but I really think that it will make an awesome TV series. It's cool to see the project changing hands simply because it means that the writers and Gaiman are both trying to find the best possible medium through which to share a story that so many people already love. Another work by Gaiman, Anansi Boys, is also being considered for a BBC mini-series, so looks like we have a lot to look forward to! Looks like I'm going to have to read all these books first!
@timeturnerjones I still think shows getting cancelled is worse (I mean, I'm already invested! Come on!) but it's almost as bad, you're right.
I've never read Neil Gaiman but I was a fan of his wife's band when I was in high school. She's totally insane so I'm going to have to assume he's pretty buts too hahah
@amog32 Yeah, that's true, it can be rough to be excited for a series and then it be totally abandoned! Almost as bad as shows getting canceled
@ryantadman I haven't read that one; I'll check it out, thanks!
This is going to be a great series; I just hope that Starz keeps it and it doesn't get dropped again. Gaiman has a lot going for him if he can get both of these series completed; hopefully, he keeps writing.
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