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I came across this review today, and I really want to read this book "Dictionary of Untranslatables." I've seen many articles online before about words that cannot be translated; phrases who's true meaning is lost from one language to another. Even as I studied French and Korean in school, I found loanwords to be quizzical and frustrating at times. This book apparently brings to light some of the most rare phrases, and looks more deeply at what they mean, and why they're so hard to translate. In a lot of ways, language is hard to translate because its not just words, but a cultural attitude that is spread through these words. This dictionary, as explained in the Preface, is a "cartography of linguistic diaspora, migration, and contested global checkpoints from early empires to the technologically patrolled and surveilled post-9/11 era." I can't wait to pick it up!
@sophiamor @timeturnerjones I'll let you guys know how it is!
@ryantadman @greggr It's definitely a great way to re-envision what you've been writing and thinking your whole life! @caricakes yeah, that gets really confusing! grammar constructions really differ how we perceive things
This is seriously awesome;; will you message me about how it is once you read it? I don't always trust reviews but I'm really curious to check this out. Time to search the library.... @hikaymm
Untranslatable words are some of the most interesting--especially if you force yourself to find a unique way to say it in English. It might improve your writing even more! @hikaymm
I actually am studying Korean too! One of the things I find really interesting is when you say "outside of ____ there is nothing" instead of in english we would say "all I have is _____" I'm not really sure what that difference says about our cultures but I still find it confusing when I try to speak Korean!
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