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Atoms are the smallest unit of any chemical element that reacts in the same way as the whole element. Components: Protons - large, positively charged particles. Neutrons - large particles with no charge. Electrons - tiny, negatively charged particles. Protons and neutrons exist together in the nucleus of an atom, and are held together by extremely strong attractive forces. They form most of the mass of the atom. Electrons are so small and unpredictable that their location in an atom is never set; instead, they hover around the nucleus in an electron "cloud", or an area with 99% probability that the electron will be there. These electron clouds have distinctive shapes called orbitals.
The thought that everything solid I touch is made up of "clouds" and "lattices" was so shocking the first time I learned about it. Now, I just think, how could it be any other way?
@aeternitii The world around us is an (unraveling) mystery!~
That's how I felt when I learned in Physics that, due to atomic repulsion, we've never really "touched" anything... mind blown :)