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So you want to build a website? I'll help you the most I can with this series. PLANNING Before building a website, it is important to brainstorm and ask yourself questions that will help you better understand what type of website to make. This is a crucial step when you are building a personal website or a website for someone else. Important questions: 1.) What are you starting your website for? Is it for a restaurant, a local business, an online store, a blog, a portfolio? Defining what you want will help you understand what features you need. 2.) Who is your main audience? 3.) What goals do you have for your website? Is it to generate more views? More user sign up? More content downloads? Informational? Selling items from a store? Etc, etc. LOOK AT OTHER WEBSITES My next advice is to look at other websites for inspiration. Building a website for a Wedding Photography business? Google some wedding photographers in your area and see what they did. Jot down notes about any features you see that you would like. ORGANIZE YOUR PAGES After you have an idea of what you want, organize the pages of your website. This will make the building much, much easier. For example, if you are building a Wedding Photographer website you can have this outline of your pages: 1. Home 2. Engagement 3. Wedding 4. Price Inquiries 5. About 6. Contact I have attached a useful resource found in Smashing Magazine that might be helpful for website planning. Remember, when it comes to websites, it is better to plan before building. Stay tuned for Part 2, where I will talk about different platforms to start building your website as well as domain and hosting information. Do you have experience building websites? Feel free to share advice, tips, and questions here!