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Just read this news.. Apparently A Gentleman's Dignity will continue to broadcast its last 2 episodes per schedule, just at an earlier. i.e 9.30 instead of 10pm KST.. YAY!! I am jumping with joy here.. Credit: enews world ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SBS was initially contemplating on temporarily suspending the drama as it conflicts with the 2012 London Olympics broadcasting schedule beginning on July 27. But perhaps with the drama’s popularity rising and only two more episodes left in the series, SBS decided to air the drama at an earlier time of 9:30 pm instead of the usual 10 pm slot. July 28′s episode of A Gentleman′s Dignity is expected to address the new relationship of Kim Min Jong and Yoon Ji Ni, who became a couple against Kim Soo Ro′s wishes.
This drama should be a hit in Korea but due to 2 weeks postponement the ratings drop esp episode 19 and back to norm at 20 refer at wikipedia
Its Finally airing this weekend people!!!!! YAY!!
ahhhhhhhh..... disappointed :'(
Apparently since S.Korea has been raking in medals recently..( man they have strong players) Olympics has become the primary focus.. So we have no choice but to wait!!
whattt????? NO!!!!! just last 2 episodeeee why whyyy!!!!!!!
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