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北京烤鸭 (Peking Duck)
[ Běijīng kǎoyā ] Undoubtedly the most famous Chinese dish, no trip to Beijing is complete without trying Peking duck. A tradition carried on from the Imperial Era, the duck meat is prized for its crispy skin and flavoursome meat. The duck is served with scallions, cucumbers and other vegetables and is eaten wrapped in palm-sized pancakes with sweet sauce.
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Oh god - what I wouldn't give to be back in Beijing right now after seeing that
@zhengshi I know this isn't a menu thing but could you do a card for how to say about food requirements in Chinese? (I.e vegetarian etc)
@zhengshi I think vegetarian and the different grades of vegetarian (pescatarian, vegan etc) would be a good place to start? Oh - maybe gluten intolerant or that kind of thing would be good too?