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Hey, So it turns out im the new Japanese Anime Interest Moderator. Don't know if I deserve it, since I hadnt been around for a while, but promise I will try my best to make this a sweet community! I am a huge fan of the major animes, but also searching for new things to check out! Right now waiting for Attack on Titan season 2, also waiting for Naruto ending, and catching up on Evangelion! Hope to see more and more members putting up their anime content like @mrjockX , @boredemily , @timeturnerjones , and @squab2013 Note: Please do not put up content with just links to drive to your site since that ruins the community feel here pleaseeeee. I will remove said "commercial" content. Just fair warning.. Looking forward to your posts! Later, N3XT
oooh cool dude. funny thing is I actually started back on my mg gundam last night. congrats btw
have u play gundam destiny warriors 3
@n3xt haha, cool!!! I haven't really gotten involved in anime yet but I'll try to check more stuff out now~~ I hope we like some of the same stuff lol
@mrjockX took me so long to build half of it man! but once its ready im posting it up. thinkin to get one per month haha and thx!