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Jasmine Star is a huge icon in the wedding photography industry. I wanted to take some time to analyze her website to help inspire you. Here are some important features I see on her website. 1. Who are you? Jasmine Star promotes herself as an "International Wedding Photographer". However, if you notice on her website, that is not the main focus. Instead, Jasmine focused on her persona. The first thing you see when you scroll down her site is an amazing background video of her in action. Even her logo fits her personality. She is portraying herself as being personable and professional. Then, she has a story of why she loves to "document love". The thing I find inspiring about Jasmine Star is that she does not try to fit any particular mold, but instead is portraying herself in a way that clients will want her. You want clients to want your style and not have any demands that will cause you to shift away from who you are as an artist. Jasmine's style is what makes her an international photographer because there is demand all over the world. When planning your website make sure to focus on who you are and why you do what you do. 2. Portfolio Pictures - the most important part of a photography website. Jasmine divides her photography portfolio into "Weddings" and "Details". Think of different ways you would want to divide your portfolio into sections. For example, you could even add in an engagement section. 3. Blog A picture is worth a thousand words. Consider adding a blog to your website so that you can tell the story behind your pictures. Of course, you want to keep your focus on the photography, but keeping a blog will generate more views and you will seem more approachable. 4. Pricing This is up to your discretion, but I really love the fact that Jasmine has a starting price because it will let people get an idea of your price range. These are just a few standouts of this great website. Are there any other features you really like?
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sweeet thanku 4 sharing :-)