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Again, there was no episode for Bridal Mask on Thursday last week due to the Olympics. As far as I know, Bridal mask will continue to play on Wednesdays. I'll keep you guys updated as I find out. Are you ready to see what is going to happen with Mokdan findin out about Gaksital's true Identity? I am. ======================================= hello everyone!!! i have to apologise sooo much for not being able to do recaps last night I got into a car accident :( I was in a taxi heading home and my taxi ahjussi fell asleep at the wheel!!! Thank goodness I wasnt hurt badly, just a few cuts, but I had to make police reports and go to the hospital and everything. My own little drama keke. I was dying to watch Ep 18 though, just managed to watch a replay on TV, here's my brief recap for all those who still want it! Shunji walks towards the room carrying flowers looking for Mok Dan, only to find the guards all lying on the floor (looks like they’ve been beaten up) He grabs one of them (Takeda) and asks, “Where’s Mok Dan?” The guard replies “He was dressed in black” Shunji [SJ] bombards him with questions, “was he tall? Did he have facial hair?” the guard nods weakly and SJ leaps to his feet in action! SJ barges into the room where Hong-joo/Ueno Rie, his dad and Jun are. He points a gun at Hong-joo/Ueno Rie and says “I warned you, where’s Mok Dan??? … why can’t I love a Joseon woman? Why are you meddling with me?” H replies “You can have as many women as you want, but not Mokdan – protecting her is like protecting Gaksital. That cannot happen.” SJ “I will protect Mokdan till I die. Do you understand??? Where is she?” HJ “Don’t worry, she’s probably safe…. Gaksital was the one who took her.” Scenes switches to a forest, where Mok Dan [MD] and injured Gaksital are. MD is crying, and she reaches out to take off Gaksital’s mask only to realise that he is *drumrolls* KangTo!!! FINALLYYYYY. The tears flow…. Shock, then I dunno guilt, then sadness registers on her face. Kangto [KT] gets off horse, and he lies down in her lap. He She recalls previous scenes when she said to him “A bastard like you should have died… a hero like Gaksital should have lived.” Yikes. I’d be feeling mighty guilty too. More flashbacks when KT asks her “Look at me carefully… don’t you know who I am??? Look at me in the eyes… don’t you recognise me?” and she just stupidly says stuff like “I know who you are… a traitor, a Japanese slave” Flashback again to when she told him to get out… KT then stands up (when he is about to dieeee) and hugs her. He can hug her lying down, can’t he??? Anyway. KISS SCENE. Damn… I’m tearing up actually… it’s too tragic… Scene change! Back to the city, where we see spy girl again putting on some cosmetics. Her helper asks “Unni, how do you find money for your hair perms and cosmetics?” Hmmm v thought-provoking question. She replies, “That’s what I get for what I do – walking on eggshells, being able to tend to both sides and still succeeding in such a stressful environment.” She then tells her helper “I’m very close to SJ!” Cue SJ barges in asking “Where’s Mok Dan?” The spy girl then says “She escaped again??? You should just break her legs, then she won’t be able to…” [SLAP!!!!] from SJ! Woot! Scene change again – the Leader announces that the circus will be closed. And then boom! Shunji runs in again! Looks like he’s doing lots of barging in in this episode. He then sits down for a man-to-man chat on the trap that SJ is laying for Gaksital. SJ asks Leader for whereabouts of Mok Dan, but Leader just says “I’ve already been sentenced to death by my comrades.” SJ replies “who allowed you to die? I will be your protector all the way – you will die by my terms.” SJ then calls for a meeting – where he puts 2 and 2 together, cos KT isn’t there… no KT, no MD = KT together with MD! Finally the cogs in his brain start to turn. Scene change to MD and KT, KT is getting treatment for his wounds. They then have a conversation MD: When my father was sentenced to death, and I saw you taking pictures with him, I really wanted to kill you. To catch Gaksital you made me stand in the middle of the city square and pointed a gun at me. I was terrified of you. Then… how did the KT I know, an Imperial police officer, become Gaksital? KT: The Gaksital that I wanted to capture, for which I used you, turned out to be my older brother, my hyung. Hyung tried to kill Superintendent Kenji who hurt our mother – he was trying to get our mother, but I shot him instead. I shot Gaksital, I shot my hyung. I decided to put on this mask to do what he wanted to do… to finish his job… and I don’t think I can take off this mask anymore. I have too much to do. Everywhere I look, there is suffering. *sniff* MD: I will never let you be alone. I will follow you till the end. Even if I end up in the darkness or in fire, I will be with you. Scene change! SJ is kicking his team around for their incompetence at tracking down KT. He talks to himself, “Kimura Shunji. There is no relationship between KT and MD’S disappearance. Calm down. You will catch Gaksital in 2 days.” Back to MD and KT. MD talks to the doctor Ahjussi and tells him that she wants to go back to the house to avoid suspicion, since everyone knows that Gaksital rescues her. Ahjussi also tells her to relay the message to the comrades. She does so, and finds out about the plan to execute her father. They decide to adjust the plan since Gaksital can’t help them out this time round. They will do it for Comrade Yoon! In the office, SJ brushes off HJ and PISSES HER OFF! She revs up her car and gets ready to meet him. SJ asks one of his men to escort her to his office… she has to wait for 5 min I think and she gets royally pissed! SJ, “What do you want???” He then grabs her hand in mid-slap. Good reflexes! She then says “The President will arrive the day of Dam Sa Ri’s execution. This time, make sure you catch Gaksital. If there is a problem at the execution, you will have problems you’re your hopes of becoming Chief will be much dimmer. Understand? … Next time, when I call you, come running to me immediately.” SJ “Why do I have to listen to you? Ahhh… because you are the President’s daughter? Ahhh. I joined you because I wanted to catch Gaksital. I don’t have the same ambitions as you.” HJ “Really? Bu t your father has different ambitions. If you keep misbehaving, it won’t be good for him…. Now, finally you are not saying anything? I hope you realise my power.” SJ gets a call informing about MD and he leaves the room immediately, leaving HJ hanging there. Keke, looks like her threats were all futile. He rushes to meet her. MD: Yesterday I almost died. I was captured by RaRa. She’s the woman who dressed like a nun. SJ: I thought it was Gaksital MD: you know about it? Does that mean… you know who that woman is? SJ: Didn’t you run away with Gaksital? MD: NO! I ran away while Gaksital was fighting. SJ: Where were you for so long? MD: I was at a church praying… that woman, I think she wants to hurt me. Please help me. SJ: why does Gaksital always appear around you? MD: I don’t know either. At first I thought it was Young Master… but Gaksital never revealed his face to me. SJ hugs her and says “You did well. From now on, I will protect you. I won’t let anyone or anything hurt you.” MD: let me stay at Seon Hwa’s place SJ: Okay. MD is reunited with her friend! Yaay. MD asks SJ about her father though, and asks if he is well. SJ replies and says “Yes. Trust me.” Meanwhile, back at the hut, KT awakes and starts panicking when he doesn’t see MD. Dr ahjussi stops him and explains the situation to him. The two of them talk, and they slowly realise that SJ has backing and is connected to the woman. Back at Seonhwa’s house, they feed the police officers makgeolli (Korean rice wine). Keke. MD sneaks out to meet KT and tells him what she’s been up to. MD: You said that there’s a lot of suffering everywhere… You can’t go to the execution. You need to be alive and well to stop the suffering. Cue another hug! SJ realises that MD has disappeared though and he is angryyyyy. SJ: tell me where she is!!! Can you not trust me to look after her? If those bad people find her wandering around… they will harm her! Tell me where she is so I can protect her. Where is she??? At this time MD appears and asks her where she is. She says… I went to church to pray. Erm. She keeps using the same excuse. I’m starting to really feel bad for SJ… his love is seriously misplaced. The next day, SJ instructs all his men to search the specators during the execution for those wearing white. He sees that KT is still not there, and goes to question MD about it. MD just says no, I don’t know anything! Sigh. Why why why does SJ believe her lies? Anyway he tells her that her father will be executed and that he can’t do anything about it. Scene change to a nice looking meal that the Count and Countess are having. They talk about pushing women’s education forward, and well some bribery money is exchanged. Uen Arie and gang meet with the Chairman at a Kishokai meeting and discuss about Dam Sa Ri’s execution tomorrow. PUBLIC EXECUTION DAYYYY. =( everyone’s getting ready… KT too… Dam Sa Ri gets led to the execution ground with a very strange-looking straw hat I have to say. He falls down on the ground mid-way and gets whipped by SJ. MD is praying (for real! Finally!) asking for God to please save her father, and to watch over the other comrades and Gaksital too. Scene change to KT wearing his mask. SJ announces that Dam Sa Ri will be publicly put to death. THEN!!!! The spectators all rip off their clothes and show off their Gaksital costume under it and start shouting saying “It’s me! I’m Gaksital! Take me with you!!!” and… Dong Yeon gets killed by Shunji in mid-wail. All the fake Gaksitals are captured and forced to watch as Dam Sa Ri is getting executed. But just then, Gaksital appears!!! He cuts Dam Sa Ri’s rope, jumps out from behind, and is halfway successful till… SJ manages to shoot him twice. Gaksital then unties his robe, and…. He is wearing dynamite all over his body. He lights up the explosives… and…. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Omo. This is a crazy epic ending. Gah.
@leegloria22 , omg I'm so glad you're well and not too hurt. I had a feeling something might have had happened as you're always up to date with anything related to Gaksital. However, you should still take some rest. And it was even sweeter of you to write such a detailed recap even though you're slightly hurt. This shows how responsible you are, my friend:) Take care and we'll meet once again next week!!:D Ps: I actually think that the kiss was beautiful as it was a moment that was bound to happen and thank god, finally we don't have to sorry too much on what will happen in the next episode as it wasn't a cliffhanger involving Kangto or Mokdan. hehe
ahhhhhh, cant waittt untill next episode.... :(
@erozzgerrard...nope.. it's really sad that they will only air 1 ep this week (last night) and 1 ep nxt wk due to the olympics...
i wanna ask, Will the drama airing tonight???
@leegloria22.. i knew there has to be a valid reason why you didn't make it last night... coz i know that you wouldn't miss seeing and recapping gaksital for anything.. tc...glad to hear that you're alright...^^ by the way, that ajussi shouldn't be driving if he's that sleepy, too dangerous...
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