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@nisfit oh, actually I try put in some love story in all my works. so if there are dosen't same character or not that's not important. try to express distance between guy and girl also air, somthing like that mood. this drawing works from one of coffee maker's collaboration works. so expression for city night with coffee(too many korean's meet at cafe each other. even late time. haha.) and esteem works was in newyork, the guy was artist (in story) the girl was brista.also want to be a model:) I hope you little bit understand my story and please understand my english skill haha thanks!!
@CJroblue Thanks for the description! It helps inform your work well. You should continue to write about your work! :)
Are these the same characters as some of your other pieces, like in Esteem X CJroblue or Pray? I'd love to know their story :)
I could I hope live in city like this