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The father, the son #1: April, 6 BCE
3 men in strange clothes, arrive at the gate of Jerusalem and ask to meet with king Herod. They say something about a newborn king. The guards think that it is not a very good idea to bring such word to their paranoid King. They manage persuade the 3 men to try their luck in Bethlehem, where they find nothing and go back to the east. A young priesthood cadet who witnesses the awkward incident at the gate, has a sudden insight about how he can change the course of history.
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The last line peaked my interest. This sounds like a really creative project, I'm intrigued!
This is a great sort of introduction to everything else. I didn't read it first, but had I, I would have definitelt continued. Have you tried the table of contents feature? It might help confused readers like me make sure we read these pieces in the proper order! hah