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Some great tips on how to still have a good resume without having had much job experience. I still believe other experiences can be listed besides jobs (see other posts) but nonetheless this serves as a great guide. With computer science and social media skills (only when you've used them in non-personal ways, blogging, marketing, etc) boosting a resume, skills just from day to day life, a young resume can still be strong. *Edit - specified what social media skills to include. Credits to @Goyo
@sailingperson yea u r absolutely right. my friend was just ranting to me about that lol he went through 100 resumes and he was telling me how could people be so ridiculous as to put work experience like "mowing the lawn" as their top work experience when applying for an engineering job lol
@sailingperson I am not sure about including things like social media as a skill. What people would value of that is if you were able to do it for non-personal use, such as for blogging, or for commercial use. These days saying that you know how to use FB bc you have a FB is like saying I know how to use a cellphone
@Goyo I mean maybe if you spin it right? No, just no. A friend showed me a resume he found that had a listing of how many pushups the guy could do. This person could also bench 'about 140'. There definitely are useless things that don't belong, but make for good comic relief!
@Goyo you're absolutely right, it really should read leveraging social media for things other than personal use. This seems to be the same pitfall that people fall into when they list Excel as a skill but then have no idea how to use functions or utilize the software to its full potential. I've revised my comment :) thanks!!