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This is probably one of the most recognizable lure's, and its been around for over a century. They're just as good now as they were then! The basic spinnie will be good for smallmouth, trout and more. This is a pretty simple spoon to use: use a snap to attach it so it can move around freely. Don't bring it in with a study retrieve, but instead use rod-tip twitches to create more erratic motion to make it more interesting for the fish you're trying to reel in. Often the fish will strike when the lure drops, so I prefer to use the drop-and-flutter. At a deeper drop-off, I have had luck jigging a spoon up and down, where, again the strike occurs on the downward motion.
@mcgraffy used it again this weekend; its pretty good!
@happyrock have you tried it again since then?
@mcgraffy yep I did!! got a few bass on it haha thanks
@happyrock did you have any luck?
I have about 3 of these, and never know what they were called or just how to use em. I think two are my dad's, hah, so you're right. They've been around for a while. I think I'll try these off one of my favorite ledges this weekend. Thanks