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The Krocodile spoon is a traditional spoon, but thicker and narrower. What does this do? Well, it helps you cast farther. This is the spoon to use when you need to go far, fast and deep. These spoons are pretty popular with Great Lakes anglers will tell you how great this can be for getting salmon, especially in that pearl fishscale finish. Mottled pearl can be hard to find, so stock up if you can. 7oz or 5oz lures are popular when boat fishing for stripers, but they're not official produced anymore, so you'll have to look for a similar offbrand. 3 3/4oz are my favorite, though, if you can find em. This lure is also pretty popular for night time fishing, and also for its versatility. It's not just salmon you can catch, but bass, stripers, halibut,yellowtail, barracuda, bonito, and yellowfish. They're versatile in where you can fish as well: both shore and boat fishing is completely possible.
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is there a reason this lure works for night time fishing?