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I loved Underwood's mix of LED lights and landscape in this project. I'm upset that I'm not in NYC right now to see his exhibition at the Sous Les Etoiles Gallery this summer. As he explains, “This tension between the familiar and the surreal gives the images a strange power. I fashion these scenes by immersing myself in a place, instinctively reading the landscape, and then altering the site through LED lights, luminescent material, and other photographic effects. In the final prints, lights and alterations appear as intrusions, transforming landscapes into abstract images." As for the overall meaning behind the pieces, he says, "Landscape allows for a certain type of storytelling. The history of landscape encapsulates the ideas of the sublime nature, humankind’s power over nature, and nature’s power over humans. My attempt is to portray environmental issues that are not delivered in a heavy-handed way. Rather, in a way that draws attention in a pleasing way, then, if contemplated, could unfold a message of dissidence or a natural discord. "Initially it may appear that that the light is element out of place. But then, if one looks closer, you will see that in the sites I have chosen there is something contrary within the landscape itself - maybe a rockslide, a fallen tree, erosion or some other disruption in an otherwise picturesque setting."
Hmm, I would say that some of the images are more successful than others, namely 1, 2, 4, and 6. However, I would say the others are too easy and he has chosen an 'easy' way of utilizing the LED lights into the landscape. That being said they are all aesthetically pleasing. Just my opinion, thanks for sharing @caricakes :))
The sixth image looks like a light field of daisies on the side of the hill!
@saharhyunjoong I'm glad! Thanks for clipping :)
@galinda I loved Ferngully as a kid! I had no idea it was so dark though, I thought I was watching a movie about fairies not about the destruction of the rainforest! These photos really do have a magical feel like that film :)
i really like it thanks 4 sharing :-)
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