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Designer Raquel Catalan of Brigada Creativa has created two adorable calendars that were made to keep track of the important things in life - your relationship and your emotions. The calendars are called Love Life, Day by Day and How Was Your Day. The first measures your love life and the second measures your mood. How adorable! These are available on Brigada Creativa's Etsy page :)
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I feel like I would go through my day thinking "i have to make this a smiley face not a frown day!"
The romance one is so cute and would look really nice as a poster after the year is done
I actually do this with workouts. I have different pictures to represent what I did each day. Legs, arms, abs, etc :)
@nokcha thats a good idea! I'd make one myself but it would never be this cute
It would be cool to look over the happiness one at the end of the year and see what percentage was which mood. I had an 80% happy year or something like that haha