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Of course, it wouldn’t be right to leave without paying a visit to the State of Liberty and one of the best ways to do it is to get on the Staten Island ferry. Since the ferry is mainly for commuters, it is actually free (yes, free!) but it still offers fantastic views of the Statue of Liberty and of the financial district. It’s also really convenient to get to as the entrance to the ferry terminal is right outside the underground station. The ferry leaves every 30 minutes (and every 15 minutes in rush hour) and was remarkably prompt – especially considering the not-so flattering reviews I’d heard of New York public transport! If you’re really quick off the boat, when you dock at Staten Island you can run round and get on the ferry again to come back, otherwise you’re stuck with a 30 minute wait. As you can see from the photos, you get some pretty fantastic views! And hello to Lady Liberty! I did take better photos but I can’t seem to find them so these shall have to do for now! Online I saw so many reviews from people who didn’t know about this ferry and instead ended up paying $20 or so for the tourist ferry cruises so if you’re heading to New York, the Staten Island ferry is definitely worth bearing in mind!
@caricakes I'll be honest, I never made it to Little Italy- I ended up in Chinatown instead..but that too was pretty awesome. I had the best Chinese food I've eaten since coming back from China last year!
This is such a great way to get a great pictures for free! I take all my friends who come visit me for a ride on the ferry :) Then of course walking up to little italy for some serious desserts!
my ny thanku 4 sharing sighh i still havent been on statenisland ferry :-P thanku 4 sharing i will make sure 2 check it out :-)
isn't everything always that much better when it's free?!
What a great idea