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Standing next to the Macau Museum and the famous Mount Fortress. The front façade and grand stone stairs are all that remain of this stunning landmark. Construction began in 1580 but it caught fire in 1595 and again in 1601. Repair works began in earnest in 1602 and it was finally completed in 1637 making it the biggest Catholic church in East Asia. Unfortunately, the church was largely destroyed by a typhoon in 1835 and it caught fire again, after which it was never restored. The existing façade has since been repaired and maintained and an accompanying crypt and Museum of Sacred Art were opened to the public in the mid 1990s. I was really excited to be able to finally travel to Macau since I had heard a lot about it from my parents who travelled there a long time ago - I'm pretty sure it was before I was born..! Admittedly, I had been expecting a little more and was surprised to find only the façade still standing but the Museum of Sacred Art was interesting and is definitely worth a visit. Winnie and I took some pictures and walked around the museum but it didn't take half as much time as we'd planned for - half an hour is more than sufficient.
nizzze :-)
It's only the façade? I thought there was more to it than that..! Still seems worth a visit though - it's one of those photos that people look at and automatically know you've been to Macau (because let's be honest, these days you can buy egg tarts anywhere!)
I'm hoping to get the chance to go to Macau before I leave China - we'll see how it goes!!!
@traveller sadly, the façade is all that's left standing - nothing else.