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I somehow ended up at this video while looking for cute fishing gear (don't judge me @mcgraffy!!) but I was really surprised! I know the fad of feathers in the hair has mostly passed for now, but I had no idea that this trend had an effect on fly fisherman. Nor did I know that a lot of the feathers used were chicken feathers! It's amazing that a fashion trend that sweeps the nation and world as much as feathers did can really have a big effect on the livelihood and hobbies of many others.
@mcgraffy it's a bit silly, but it was a real issue!!!
I'm just gonna go ahead and say: how ridiculous.
@happyrock Yeah, it was a pretty big thing for a while, but it died pretty fast! @kristenadams I'm not even mad about it hahaha~~ it's just so strange! @pipeline exactly, I'd never have imagined that
I would have never pictured fishermen fighting with teen girls over accessories
Sorry I might have been one of the girls with feathers in her hair hahahaha
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