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"Perhaps the biggest impact that Orwell's stay had on Nineteen Eighty-Four was that he was constantly surrounded by death's shadow." This piece by Matthew Bremner was sent to me by a professor who knows I like Orwell's writing, and this provided a really interested insight about the steps Orwell took to finish 1984. Bremner describes not only his stay as the only guest on the island where Orwell basically secluded himself to finish his book, but also the history of Orwell's time there: where he stayed, how he interacted with others, and some ideas about why Orwell might have went there. I really liked the style of this piece; while it was pretty traditional for Creative Nonfiction (scene interwoven with summary and research), it was well done. I felt like I was traveling through the history of Orwell's time on Jura with Bremner, and it was a journey I really enjoyed. Any fans of Orwell need to check out the full article!
@amog32 exactly! It's a totally different story, most of the time, and it's an important way to know a work even better.
@timeturnerjones Definitely--there's something said about getting to know the history of an author versus getting to know an author.
@amog32 I don't think I'd take this trip either, unless it was my favorite author, but I really like seeing this kind of piece that takes a new perspective on an author's history instead of the standard biography~!
I've always enjoyed Orwell's writing, but I never knew much about him. This article was a nice taste of what a man who was very interesting in his peculiarities--I think I'm going to go pick up some of those biographies mentioned. I don't think I'd take a trip like this just to experience the author's lifestyle, though.