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Design Engineer & planning Engineer Private Jobs

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07 September, 2021
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foreign places
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Matric | Intermediate | Bachelor
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Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan
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Peer Nazeer & Sons Manpower services
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Engineering Jobs
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predicted last Date:
12 September, 2021
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expected profits:
305000 Rs.
present day Peer Nazeer & Sons Manpower offerings Engineering Posts Saudi Arabia 2021
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10 Totally Free Planning Tools That'll Get You On Track
You don't have to break your bank to get organized. Check out these 10 free, printable organizational tools that'll get you on track without taking all your coin. 1. Planning Sticker Printable These adorable little decorations have a totally practical use. There are list blocks, labels and goal stickers to help you track your progress. Print out on a sheet of sticker paper and get going. 2. This Week Worksheet This sheet is for the girl who doesn't need a whole planner. This is a weekly planner for the gal on the go. It's minimalist and to the point. 3. Password Keeper This is an old-school way to keep track of your digital life, but how many times have you lost your passwords in your digital world? Get a hard copy and hide it somewhere only you have access too. Never forget a password again. 4. To-Do List Don't buy a big pad that you won't use. Check out this daily to-do list, sized for the person with a lot of plans. And it's totally cute! This is another option for someone who doesn't want to bother with a planner. This one isolated sheet could help your day get right on track. 5. Kawaii Grocery List How cute is this thing!? Making a list before you go shopping is always a good idea. It helps you cut down on buying things you don't need. Having this free printable at your side will make the whole process fun. Bright colors always put me in a better mood and inspire me to get organized. 6. Weekly Meal Planner This printable (from the same designer as the shopping list) will help you plan your meals after you hit the grocery store. This kind of organization will give you better consciousness as far as meals go, and will ultimately cut your grocery expenses, because you'll only eat what you need. 7. Fashionable Note Organizer This one is great for college students who take messy notes. Most of my notebooks looked like a crazy person wrote in them. This will keep your notes organized and ridiculously fashionable. Fill a binder with these and you'll end up saving money too. There are three different designs available too so you can color coordinate by subject or class. 8. Seasonal Cleaning Checklist Rotating chores isn't something I've ever done, but apparently it's a thing. Get more adult-y with these seasonal checklists. I've linked the one for Fall, because...it's Fall! This goes from light cleaning to deep cleaning so you can keep everything tidy and organized year-round. 9. Budget Worksheet I am TERRIBLE with my money. This checklist will help you visualize your fundage and budget it accordingly. I'm trying this stat! It also shows you what you saved and can help track for future months. 10. Positive Thoughts Printable This might be a good thing to put on your door, and every day before you leave rip a positive thought off and try and live through it each day. Consciousness is key to organization. People who are more organized are generally more happy too. So use this printable to remind yourself that habits don't happen in a day! So go easy on yourself, use these tools and let organization happen slowly.
Jasa Pengiriman Bandung Batang Toru, Tapanuli Selatan (0816267079)
Bingung mencari Jasa Ekspedisi dan Pengiriman Barang yang terjangkau namun aman pengiriman sampai ke alamat tujuan ? Dapatkan kemudahan pengiriman dan tarif terjangkau di Logistik Express Jasa Pengiriman Bandung Perbaungan,Serdang Begadai Logistik Express Jasa Pengiriman Bandung Batang Toru, Tapanuli Selatan merupakan perusahaan yang menyediakan jasa pengiriman barang ke seluruh wilayah Indonesia. Kami menyediakan pengiriman melalui via darat, laut, maupun udara yang tentunya dengan tarif yang terjangkau dan pengiriman yang aman.Adapun beberapa pelayanan yang LOGISTIK EXPRESS yang dapat kami berikan kepada anda : Melayani Pickup Area Bandung dan Kab. Bandung sekitarnya. Pengiriman barang sampai ke alamat tujuan. Jasa Pengiriman ke Seluruh Wilayah Indonesia Layanan Muatan Cargo Besar Minimal 30Kg, 50kg, dan 100kg Seluruh Indonesia. Bisa Request Packing kiriman Kirim barang dengan Logistik Express Jasa Pengiriman Bandung Perbaungan,Serdang Begadai tentu murah tentu mudah. Dibantu dengan team operasional yang handal dan customer service profesional LOGISTIK EXPRESS siap mengirimkan barangmu sampai ke alamat tujuan dengan aman. Layanan Customer Service & Order : 0816267079 Cek layanan pengiriman dari Bandung lainnya : Ekspedisi Bandung batang toru Ekspedisi Bandung batang Ekspedisi Bandung batu kajang Ekspedisi Bandung batu Ekspedisi Bandung batubara Ekspedisi Bandung batui Ekspedisi Bandung batulicin Ekspedisi Bandung batumarta Ekspedisi Bandung baturaja Ekspedisi Bandung batusangkar Ekspedisi Bandung bau bau
Jasa Pengiriman Bandung Mandailing, Natal (0816267079)
Bingung mencari Jasa Ekspedisi dan Pengiriman Barang yang terjangkau namun aman pengiriman sampai ke alamat tujuan ? Dapatkan kemudahan pengiriman dan tarif terjangkau di Logistik Express Jasa Pengiriman Bandung Mandailing, Natal Logistik Express Jasa Pengiriman Bandung Mandailing, Natal merupakan perusahaan yang menyediakan jasa pengiriman barang ke seluruh wilayah Indonesia. Kami menyediakan pengiriman melalui via darat, laut, maupun udara yang tentunya dengan tarif yang terjangkau dan pengiriman yang aman.Adapun beberapa pelayanan yang LOGISTIK EXPRESS yang dapat kami berikan kepada anda : Melayani Pickup Area Bandung dan Kab. Bandung sekitarnya. Pengiriman barang sampai ke alamat tujuan. Jasa Pengiriman ke Seluruh Wilayah Indonesia Layanan Muatan Cargo Besar Minimal 30Kg, 50kg, dan 100kg Seluruh Indonesia. Bisa Request Packing kiriman Kirim barang dengan Logistik Express Jasa Pengiriman Bandung Mandailing, Natal tentu murah tentu mudah. Dibantu dengan team operasional yang handal dan customer service profesional LOGISTIK EXPRESS siap mengirimkan barangmu sampai ke alamat tujuan dengan aman. Layanan Customer Service & Order : 0816267079 Cek layanan pengiriman dari Bandung lainnya : Ekspedisi Bandung mandailing Ekspedisi Bandung manggar Ekspedisi Bandung mangupura Ekspedisi Bandung manna Ekspedisi Bandung manokwari Ekspedisi Bandung marabahan Ekspedisi Bandung Marisa Ekspedisi Bandung maros Ekspedisi Bandung martapura Ekspedisi Bandung masamba Ekspedisi Bandung masohi
Jasa Pengiriman Bandung Tanjung Morawa, Deli Serdang (0816267079)
Bingung mencari Jasa Ekspedisi dan Pengiriman Barang yang terjangkau namun aman pengiriman sampai ke alamat tujuan ? Dapatkan kemudahan pengiriman dan tarif terjangkau di Logistik Express Jasa Pengiriman Bandung Tanjung Morawa, Deli Serdang Logistik Express Jasa Pengiriman Bandung Tanjung Morawa, Deli Serdang merupakan perusahaan yang menyediakan jasa pengiriman barang ke seluruh wilayah Indonesia. Kami menyediakan pengiriman melalui via darat, laut, maupun udara yang tentunya dengan tarif yang terjangkau dan pengiriman yang aman.Adapun beberapa pelayanan yang LOGISTIK EXPRESS yang dapat kami berikan kepada anda : Melayani Pickup Area Bandung dan Kab. Bandung sekitarnya. Pengiriman barang sampai ke alamat tujuan. Jasa Pengiriman ke Seluruh Wilayah Indonesia Layanan Muatan Cargo Besar Minimal 30Kg, 50kg, dan 100kg Seluruh Indonesia. Bisa Request Packing kiriman Kirim barang dengan Logistik Express Jasa Pengiriman Bandung Tanjung Morawa, Deli Serdang tentu murah tentu mudah. Dibantu dengan team operasional yang handal dan customer service profesional LOGISTIK EXPRESS siap mengirimkan barangmu sampai ke alamat tujuan dengan aman. Layanan Customer Service & Order : 0816267079 Cek layanan pengiriman dari Bandung lainnya : Ekspedisi Bandung tanjung morawa Ekspedisi Bandung tanjung palas Ekspedisi Bandung tanjung pandan Ekspedisi Bandung tanjung pinang Ekspedisi Bandung tanjung pura Ekspedisi Bandung tanjung redeb Ekspedisi Bandung tanjung selor Ekspedisi Bandung tanjung uban Ekspedisi Bandung tanjung Ekspedisi Bandung tapak tuan Ekspedisi Bandung tarakan
Difference between Shop Drawings and As Built Drawings
Execution of project cannot start unless the blueprints of the structure or building are in place. The designing stage of any construction project holds immense importance as it lays the foundation for effective project execution. Throughout the construction process there are various construction drawings prepared, each of them serves different purpose and possess their own unique features. These design drawings provide a glimpse of the actual state of construction process during various stages of project lifecycle. Shop Drawings and As Built Drawings are crucial in construction process and are created to accomplish different goals. In this article, we will understand both of these drawings and how are they different from each other. Shop Drawings Shop Drawings, also known as fabrication drawings are detailed representation of design intent. These drawings are generally utilized by fabricators, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers etc. in regards to manufacturing, assembling, and installation of pre-fabricated components of a building or structure. A few examples of the same are; Elevators, windows, trusses, MEP components such as HVAC ducts, plumbing pipes etc. The style of these drawings is very different from architect鈥檚 drawing as these are extremely detailed, having instructions/notations for installation, dimensions and materials needed. Shop Drawings usually include the following information: 路 Dimensions 路 Applicable fabrication standards 路 Details needed for erection and installation 路 Plans, elevations, views, sections, and information required for installation of pre-fabricated elements Shop Drawings are essential because of the following reasons: 路 Structural shop drawings provide essential information to fabricator in great detail to make sure that all the components used in fabrication are sound structurally. It also ensures that there is no compromise made with safety & standards are adhered to. 路 MEP Shop Drawing Services can be used to create MEP drawings which provide information regarding HVAC, electrical, plumbing and fire-protection components of a building. This is used not just for fabrication, installation and assembly but can also aid facility managers for carrying out quick repairs by pinpointing the location of a faulty component. 路 It brings down fabrication rework considerably by providing accurate and detailed information pertaining to the kind of materials to be used, the dimensions etc. about fabricated components and early detection of clashes. 路 Helps in clear communication between architect, designer, client and fabricator. 路 Essential in expediting the timeline of construction by ensuring seamless flow of fabrication process. As Built Drawings: As built drawings also known as Record Drawings or Red Line Drawings are revised versions/sets of drawings created after the completion of construction project. These drawings are prepared by contractors & subcontractors to compare the final completed version of the structure or the building with that of what was originally planned. Thus, these drawings provide a final blueprint of finished structure and the area surrounding it. During any construction project there are various times when deviations are to be made from what was planned initially. As Built Services can also be used to keep a track of the changes made throughout the project lifecycle and records them to reflect the actual construction with exact dimensions, location and geometry of the built structure or building. As built drawings generally include the following information: 路 Modifications in designs 路 Alterations done in shop drawings 路 Geometry, dimensions, area etc. 路 Deviations from initial designs Importance of As Built Drawings 路 It reflects the actual constructed state of the building and not just the conceived idea. 路 Time and cost saving, as no resources are wasted in the maintenance and operation processes to locate, recognize, installation and maintenance, as all the information is reflected in documented history of building. 路 It provides room for safety as the detailed plans show the areas where safety parameters may be needed, and how can they be installed. 路 They are helpful during renovation or refurbishment of the building as it contains the history of building and all the primary and essential information which can expedite the process. Conclusion: During any construction process, accuracy is essential in order to prevent errors, and wastage of resources, such as time, money and manpower. Even though Shop Drawings and As Built Drawings are different from one another, both of them require the same level of precision in order to ensure a smooth on-site construction process.
All You Need to Know About Various Interesting and Beneficial Winter Skin-Care Products In Pakistan
As we know that winters are here and so is the season of joy. This is the season when there are bliss and happiness all around! People get together and rejoice, fall in love, celebrate Christmas and holidays. What a beautiful season to get together and celebrate! But at the same time, in this weather, most of us get our skin all dried up with flaky cheeks which can make us look devastating and exhausted and takes our beauty away! This winter gets prepared for exfoliated skin by moisturizing it with the best skin care products which can make us look astonishing and beautiful. We all need perfectly skinny fitted skin which gives us a certain glow in a way that enhances our look. In this article, we will discuss some products mentioned as winter essentials, which you will definitely require this winter, to take care of your skin in the best possible way! Best Skin Care Products: Impurities, dirt, and pollution make our skin dull and drab, which clogs our pores. By using a personal care-brand we can make our skin charming. Loreal Paris brightening face mask and detox formula brightens the skin by unclogging pores. It is formulated with charcoal; thus it can be used by applying directly on the skin. For best results use it thrice a week and you will observe an effective glow. Have you ever noticed puffiness under your eyes and dark circles? Olay eye illuminating eye cream is the best solution to it. Gently apply under the eyes before sleeping. It will make your eyes clear and fulgent and help you be more comfortable and relaxed through your beauty sleep. Applying a serum on dry skin for internal glow makes a bedazzling effect on the skin. Lakme absolute perfect radiance lightening serum for dry skin is proved very beneficial and worth it, as it is a face moisturizer for summers and winters by applying it at night. It can be used by both, that is men and women. It stops the process of quick aging and gives the skin an internal shine. Online Shopping in Pakistan: There are many ways of online shopping for the best skin products in Pakistan. Different platforms provide facilities that include ordering from your favorite international brands indirectly, even if it does not ship to Pakistan. There are online stores and websites available which deliver your desired international products at your doorstep without any inconvenience. Just contact them and tell them about different types of skin-care products that you want to order from Amazon or eBay. Here are many more sites available for online shopping too. Organic Skin-Care Products in Winter: Organic skin care products are more in fashion nowadays. People have become conscious of their health thus adopting a healthy fit-life style. Enormous studies have proved that skin care products are cosmetics, dangerous to the skin thus making the aging process work faster and are proved harmful. People, therefore, use organic skin care products more nowadays. These products include scrubs, oils, masks, serums, moisturizers and many more. Using these products can prove to be vital for all types of skin, especially in winters. Amazon Pakistan has a wide range of such products. Benefits of face wash and moisturizers: 路 The face wash for oily skin is dermatologist recommended. It visibly mattifies the skin and helps tighten pores in winters when pores become open. Neutrogena pore and shine scrub have the aroma of lime and tangerine. It cleanses deep down to unclog pores for refined-looking skin. 路 Face wash for dry skin is a dermatologist recommended Neutrogena oil-free acne wash. This effective yet gentle alcohol-free cleanser deep cleans without irritation and skin becomes clean and radiant. 路 Nexton coca butter moisturizing cream for oily skin works gently and naturally to repair the skin. It also serves as a face moisturizer for summers in Pakistan. These products are not necessarily available in the local market, but it can be ordered online! Winter lotions and creams: Everything changes in the winter season. From shirts, we switch up to hoodies from sandals to boots and from creams to lotions. Our skin becomes dry and flaky due to the cold weather in the winter season which forces us to moisturize our hands, feet and face. This lubrication can be done by using creams and the winter lotions in Pakistan. Use of ponds triple vitamin helps the skin become silky and soft as it is a moisturizing lotion. It is recommended to use it daily as part of your skin care regime by massaging lightly until absorbed by fingertips leaving you feeling fresh and beautiful. 路 Winter day cream: Using Nivea soft cream our skin stays hydrated and oily, it is very popular around the world too. 路 Winter night cream: Using dove beauty cream our skin stays delicate and smooth. It nourishes the skin that鈥檚 why it is the all-time favorite night cream for women. Winter Makeup: Flushed cheeks, deep red lips, shimmer, smoky eyes, volume lashes, contoured face, gloss etc. are very trendy nowadays in winter makeup. Winter is all about cold thus your leather jackets winded up with the smoky eyes and red lips enhance your looks. Using good makeup products is extremely important because it is a matter of our skin while using them makes us and gives us a better look perfecting to beauty. First, it is vital to use an amazing base which helps us to settle and blend in all our makeup. The best base and make up brushes are keys to good makeup. Mac is a little expensive yet very amazing giving an indefinite look. Then use a Maybelline contour stick blend it properly especially under the eyes. Use an elf brightening primer and face powder of fit me by Maybelline. For the flushed cheeks use Nyx pink blush, apply shimmer on top by the Flamor company. These international branded items give you a settled and blended look. For the eyes use eyeshadow palettes according to your range. Make sure to use a brush by making a crest, cover lid and edges, apply liner and volume mascara by Nyx. Finally, give your eyebrows a little shape and apply lipstick. This is the winter makeup look. So rock your winter with the best look so that you can look amazing.
Ramiz Raja's Review Pakistan vs England Series 2020
Ramiz Raja, a former Captain of Pakistani Team, has not shown a positive gesture on squad selection made by Chief Selector, Misbah Ul Haq. He has some objections for some of the players sent to England for approaching Pakistan vs England Series 2020. A group of 44 members is chosen to be sent to England to play the three-Test series and three-T20 series. It includes 29 players and 15 officials, a big ever Pakistan squad in the history of the country. Chief selector uncapped batsman Haider Ali and hands-on experienced troupes Wahab Riaz, Shoaib Malik, and Muhammad Hafeez. These three didn鈥檛 get a chance to receive an agreement for the session 2020-2021. This Pakistan tour to England would be commenced in August and September. Ramiz Raja gave Captain, 5 out of 10 on Players selection for Pakistan tour to England 2020 Ramiz commented in a Youtube video, 鈥淎ssortment made for Pakistan tour to England is variegated. I will give Misbah, Captain of Pakistani Team, 5 out of 10 for the player鈥檚 selection he has made. Satisfied with the selection of Khushdil Shah and Haider Ali but the whole approach would not bring good results to Pakistani Team.鈥 Ramiz Raja also said by adding all old players in the team won鈥檛 give chance to new strikers in the team. When we talk about T20 series, newbies/youngsters should be given a chance to try their luck, Chief Selector has to think on this factor wisely. Pakistan squad needs to be equipped with experienced players It is said that Misbah Ul Haq has already been told that without Shoaib Malik and Muhmmad Hafeez they cannot win the T20 World Cup. Even then, unfortunately, it was not acted upon and took all old faces for England Test and T20 series. I considered it as a very immature decision made while choosing players for this Pak vs England series. Captain鈥檚 mindset sounds a young captain, which will not help Pakistan squad have the success I think. Shoaib Malik and Muhammad Hafeez are both experienced players although they have become weak fielders, their record is much better to let them be the part of this Pakistan vs England series 2020. Shoaib Malik in his record of the last 10 years, participated in almost 25 ICC matches and scored at least fifty runs. The same is the case with Muhammad Hafeez, he is also the best all-rounder in the world. His performance in the World Cup against New Zealand is worthy. Nevertheless, Misbah should take this into account that experience can play an important role in winning the T20 World Cup. Ramiz set another statement that if we look at the players, being highly experienced then it would be another scenario, therefore, experience in T20 is surpassed by taking in to account many other dynamics like attitude, fielding, reflexes. And if the reflexes are very low we cannot hit the big ones. If we consider all these factors, how can win be at our part? 鈥淪pinners with right length and pace can make you win the series鈥, Ramiz said. Ramiz added his comments for Pakistani spinner Yasir Shah,鈥 might not that be effective鈥 in his tour to England. Yasir has strived hard to take wickets but it comes of late but still, he is the part of that 29 players Pakistan squad. The other three spinners included are Imad Wasim, Kashif Bhatti, and Shadab Khan but in Ramiz's point of view, Muhammad Nawaz and Farzan Raja can be more effective because of their strengths to bowl as accurately as needed with variations of pace. Ramiz, moreover, quoted by Cricket Pakistan, The same goes for spinners like Yasir Shah, who might not be that effective because they also rely on shining the ball to deceive the batsman,鈥 He has made another recommendation by looking at Pakistan squad that two important bowlers, Haris Rauf and Dilbar Hussain, should also be the part of this Pakistan tour to England, because of their strengths in bowling which is very accurate at their pace and length. 鈥淒uring the absence of saliva to shine the ball, teams won鈥檛 be able to win sessions of a Test match through the reverse swing and sideways movements,鈥 Ramiz was mentioned as saying by Cricket Pakistan. 鈥淥nly those bowlers will succeed now, who bowls at an accurate line and length just like in limited-overs cricket. Ramiz said saliva is no longer added to shine the ball but with some bowlers like Haris Rauf and Dilbar Hussain can prove themselves well on English grounds as they can bowl very perfectly with all line and length; where there is the cricket of limited overs. Haris Rauf has been nominated for this squad but Dilbar Hussain couldn鈥檛 take his place in this Pakistan vs England series 2020. Ramiz said our hopes are high but I am not satisfied with Pakistan squad selection and I give, Misbah, a poor rating for this conduct.
Why Is Business Process Outsourcing a Good Solution for Business?
Business processes outsourcing can become a serious competitive advantage today. It allows you to reduce costs, gain access to highly qualified personnel and advanced technologies, and focus on the company's core business processes. So what is a BPO company? Why do we need BPO? What Is BPO? What is business process outsourcing? It is a type of outsourcing, where non-core business processes of one organization are transferred to another company. The key difference between outsourcing tasks and BPO is the lack of set indicators such as time or budget. It means that when you are involved in outsourcing tasks, you allocate time and set a particular budget for its accomplishment. With BPO, you may not have time constraints and a fixed budget because you transfer not just individual tasks, but a whole functional area within the business. Despite the quite clear definition of BPO as the transfer of any processing activity to outsourcing, this term corresponds to narrower areas of outsourcing. For example, the company wants to outsource industrial production which is the fact that this type can be distinguished as a separate form of production, or simply out, industrial outsourcing. Most often than not, the BPO refers to the outsourcing of high-level processes, which require more knowledge and experience from workers. Usually, such processes encompass personnel, accounting, marketing, logistics, financial management, or legal support of organizations. What happens to market functions when outsourcing? Outsourcing as a form of business has a dual impact on market relations. On the one hand, outsourcing transfers the former internal processes that were not included in the system of commodity relations within the company into the market. On the other hand, outsourcing undermines market relations. In outsourcing, the price of a service is determined before the start of its provision and for a long period. In addition, with simple buying and selling, market transactions are free of charge, and with outsourcing, a contract must be entered into, hence there are contract costs. Thus, outsourcing is a symbiosis of the market and non-market relations. Outsourcing as a business model involves the conclusion of long-term contracts, during which the economy manages to go through several cycles, and accordingly the business priorities of the customer's management change (for example, reducing the cost of increasing productivity). BPO Advantages The advantages of using BPO can be equal to the advantages of outsourcing specific tasks. Obviously, the main goal is to reduce costs which is the same for both forms of outsourcing. Basically, it is achieved by means of the contractor who is more experienced in business processes or tasks being transferred. However, unlike outsourcing of tasks, the cost savings are more significant in the case of BPO. Moreover, it is achieved in the long term and with more serious initial preparation. Besides, cost reduction can be not the main incentive to use BPO. The desire to make controllable and predictable expenses can serve as the main reason to apply to BPO. Obviously, predictability of costs is achieved through clear financial terms set out in the contract and service level agreement (SLA). Business Process Outsourcing Models Business process outsourcing is the conclusion of a contract with a third party organization to transfer under its responsibility for the implementation of the business process in question. Business process outsourcing is not new. Enterprises of various sizes and various forms of ownership acquire standard discrete processes from external suppliers: accounting, preparation of tax reports, factoring operations, etc. Such models make it possible to reduce costs. Today, this is not enough, and therefore business process outsourcing is developing towards organizing a new business process model based on strategic partnership between an enterprise and an external organization. There are three main models of outsourcing: 鈼 Traditional outsourcing. The enterprise transfers its supporting processes to the responsibility of service providers in order to reduce costs and focus on the implementation of the main business processes. 鈼 Joint outsourcing. Enterprise partners with a service provider to improve their business processes to reduce costs and increase the flexibility of the management system. 鈼 Outsourcing with elements of the reorganization of the network of business processes. The company joins forces with partners to achieve sustainable improving the performance of the enterprise. When considering business process outsourcing, four classes of tasks arise: 鈼 selection of processes for outsourcing; 鈼 choice of outsourcing model; 鈼 choosing a service provider; 鈼 organization of the process of transition from a traditional model of work to a model using outsourcing. According to experts, 42% of enterprises outsource IT services, 31% 鈴 personnel training, 22% 鈴 supplies, 20% 鈴 personnel accounting, 18% 鈴 accounting and finance, retaining the function of monitoring the results. What are BPO services for business? There are several classic examples of business process outsourcing for large enterprises: 鈼 Outsourcing of HR processes 鈴 delegation of the functions of personnel selection (including outstaffing and personnel leasing), payroll accounting, tax reporting; 鈼 Outsourcing of call centers, outsourcing of processes in the field of customer relations 鈴 the processing of telephone calls is transferred, etc.; 鈼 Outsourcing of accounting processes 鈴 delegation of authority for calculating wages, issuing primary documents to counterparties, executing bank payments, etc.; 鈼 Outsourcing of IT processes 鈴 transferring production functions, writing program code, etc. to an outsourcer. A kind of outsourcing of IT processes is the outsourcing of IT systems placement, in which the outsourcer provides the customer with equipment for placing information systems, ensures its installation, updating, and support. Moreover, outsourcing in the IT-sphere often means finding professional engineers who are skilled in 3D modeling, printing, etc. And most often, these engineers are found on international marketplaces. For example, you can easily find outsourcing 3D modeling services at Engre website as well as professional 3D designers who are able to solve any problem. Thus, business process outsourcing is developing along the path of transferring the supporting (auxiliary) processes for external execution, while preference is given not to single processes and the network of business processes of the enterprise. Small businesses have been using the traditional outsourcing model for a long time. However, to form the competitive advantages of the enterprise, it is necessary to apply other models of business process outsourcing (for example, with the reorganization of all enterprise processes), and consider the issues of outsourcing auxiliary business processes.
[October-2021]New Braindump2go 300-815 PDF and VCE Dumps[Q105-Q119]
QUESTION 105 The SIP session refresh timer allows the RTP session to stay active during an active call. The Cisco UCM sends either SIP-INVITE or SIP-UPDATE messages in a regular interval of time throughout the active duration of the call. During a troubleshooting session, the engineer finds that the Cisco UCM is sending SIP-UPDATE as the SIP session refresher, and the engineer would like to use SIP-INVITE as the session refresher. What configuration should be made in the Cisco UCM to achieve this? A.Enable SIP ReMXX Options on the SIP profile. B.Enable Send send-receive SDP in mid-call INVITE on the SIP profile. C.Change Session Refresh Method on the SIP profile to INVITE. D.Increase Retry INVITE to 20 seconds on the SIP profile. Answer: C QUESTION 106 Refer to the exhibit. ILS has been configured between two hubs using this configuration. The hubs appear to register successfully, but ILS is not functioning as expected. Which configuration step is missing? A.A password has never been set for ILS. B.Use TLS Certificates must be selected. C.Trust certificates for ILS have not been installed on the clusters D.The Cluster IDs have not been set to unique values Answer: D QUESTION 107 A new deployment is using MVA for a specific user on the sales team, but the user is having issues when dialing DTMF. Which DTMF method must be configured in resolve the issue? A.gateway B.out-of-band C.channel D.in-band Answer: B QUESTION 108 A single site reports that when they dial select numbers, the call connects, but they do not get audio. The administrator finds that the calls are not routing out of the normal gateway but out of another site's gateway due to a TEHO configuration. What is the next step to diagnose and solve the issue? A.Verify that IP routing is correct between the gateway and the IP phone. B.Verify that the route pattern is not blocking calls to the destination number. C.Verify that the dial peer of the gateway has the correct destination pattern configured. D.Verify that the route pattern has the correct calling-party transformation mask Answer: C QUESTION 109 An engineer is configuring Cisco UCM lo forward parked calls back to the user who parked the call if it is not retrieved after a specified time interval. Which action must be taken to accomplish this task? A.Configure device pools. B.Configure service parameters C.Configure enterprise softkeys. D.Configure class of control. Answer: B QUESTION 110 Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is troubleshooting an issue with the caller not hearing a PSTN announcement before the SIP call has completed setup. How must the engineer resolve this issue using the reliable provisional response of the SIP? A.voice service voip sip send 180 sdp B.voice service voip sip rehxx require 100rel C.sip-ua disable-early-media 180 D.voice service voip sip no reMxx Answer: B QUESTION 111 Users are reporting that several inter-site calls are failing, and the message "not enough bandwidth" is showing on the display. Voice traffic between locations goes through corporate WAN. and Call Admission Control is enabled to limit the number of calls between sites. How is the issue solved without increasing bandwidth utilization on the WAN links? A.Disable Call Admission Control and let the calls use the amount of bandwidth they require. B.Configure Call Queuing so that the user waits until there is bandwidth available C.Configure AAR to reroute calls that are denied by Call Admission Control through the PSTN. D.Reroute all calls through the PSTN and avoid using WAN. Answer: C QUESTION 112 An engineer must configure a Cisco UCM hunt list so that calls to users in a line group are routed to the first idle user and then the next. Which distribution algorithm must be configured to accomplish this task? A.top down B.circular C.broadcast D.longest idle time Answer: A QUESTION 113 An administrator configured Cisco Unified Mobility to block access to remote destinations for certain caller IDs. A user reports that a blocked caller was able to reach a remote destination. Which action resolves the issue? A.Configure Single Number Reach. B.Configure an access list. C.Configure a mobility identity. D.Configure Mobile Voice Access. Answer: B QUESTION 114 Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is troubleshooting a call-establishment problem between Cisco Unified Border Element and Cisco UCM. Which command set corrects the issue? A.SIP binding in SIP configuration mode: voice service voip sip bind control source-interface GigabitEthernetO/0/0 bind media source-interface GigabitEthernetO/0/0 B.SIP binding In SIP configuration mode: voice service volp sip bind control source-Interface GlgabltEthernetO/0/1 bind media source-Interface GlgabltEthernetO/0/1 C.SIP binding In dial-peer configuration mode: dial-peer voice 300 voip voice-class sip bind control source-interface GigabitEthernetO/0/1 voice-class sip bind media source- interface GigabitEthernetO/0/1 D.SIP binding in dial-peer configuration mode: dial-peer voice 100 volp voice-class sip bind control source-interface GigabitEthernetO/0/0 voice-class sip bind media source-interface GigabitEthernetO/0/0 Answer: D QUESTION 115 Refer to the exhibit. Which change to the translation rule is needed to strip only the leading 9 from the digit string 9123548? A.rule 1 /^9\(.*\)/A1/ B.rulel /.*\(3548S\)/^1/ C.rulel /^9\(\d*\)/^1/ D.rule 1/^9123548/^1/ Answer: A QUESTION 116 A customer has multisite deployments with a globalized dial plan. The customer wants to route PSTN calls via the gateway assigned to each site. Which two actions will fulfill the requirement? (Choose two.) A.Create one route group for each site and one global route list for PSTN calls that point to the local route group. B.Create a route group which has all the gateways and associate it to the device pool of every site. C.Create one global route list for PSTN calls that points to one global PSTN route group. D.Create a hunt group and assign it to each side route pattern E.Assign one route group as a local route group in the device pool of the corresponding site. Answer: AE QUESTION 117 Refer to the exhibit. A company needs to ensure that all calls are normalized to E164 format. Which configuration will ensure that the resulting digit string 14085554001 is created and will be routed to the E.164 routing schema? A.Called Party Transformation Mask of + 14085554XXX B.Called Party Transformation Mask of 1408555[35)XXX C.Calling Party Transformation Mask of +1408555XXXX D.Calling Party Transformation Mask of +14085554XXX Answer: A QUESTION 118 An engineer set up and successfully tested a TEHO solution on the Cisco UCM. PSTN calls are routed correctly using the IP WAN as close to the final PSTN destination as possible. However, suddenly, calls start using the backup local gateway instead. What is causing the issue? A.WAN connectivity B.LAN connectivity C.route pattern D.route list and route group Answer: A QUESTION 119 An administrator is asked to configure egress call routing by applying globalization and localization on Cisco UCM. How should this be accomplished? A.Localize the calling and called numbers to PSTN format and globalize the calling and called numbers in the gateway. B.Globalize the calling and called numbers to PSTN format and localize the calling number in the gateway. C.Localize the calling and called numbers to E. 164 format and globalize the called number in the gateway. D.Globalize the calling and called numbers to E. 164 format and localize the called number in the gateway. Answer: D 2021 Latest Braindump2go 300-815 PDF and 300-815 VCE Dumps Free Share: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IHjHEsMRfmKZVssEobUIr0a8XtPy0qWv?usp=sharing
How to incorporate antiques into your home decor
You know what magic is? It is a happy home with exquisite interiors. Wish to design a home with majestic antiques? Incorporating vintage home decorative items in a modern home seems almost unbelievable right? You might have never thought that centuries-old home decorative items would take place in a 21st-century household. Well, let us tell you, antiques are a key to modern interiors. Antiques are growing popular day by day. Many people have antique furniture passed on from generation to generation, making space in the 21st-century world. But, if you look for ideas to help to mix vintage home decorative items in a modern home, it is no cakewalk. If you're looking for the best tips to incorporate antiques into your home decor, we've got your back! So, to unlock the door to a modern home with antiques, scroll right away! 鈼 Group antiques by colour palette The basic aspect of astonishing interiors is following a colour palette. If your home decorative items are chosen keeping in mind the colour palette, it brings a sense of uniformity to your home decor. When it comes to colour blending, going for neutral hues can never go wrong. You can always try & bring life to the neutrals by popping a classy metal wall decor on your walls. If you wish to get your hands at the perfect metal wall decor, our website welcomes you with open hands! Colour popping or resting neutrals, antiques will definitely bring a breeze of grace to the room. 鈼 Layer antiques meet new home decorative items Try to mix and match. What's a more eclectic and intriguing way to incorporate antiques in your home decorative items? Layer multiple styles and mix contemporary and modern home decorative items. An interior design with a chandelier and classic table lamp can be contrasted and layered with a vibrant hand wall painting. The hand wall painting shouldn't be too loud and modern in look. It would not just ruin the vibe of your home decor, but also look like a disaster. So, while selecting a hand wall painting, consider the colours and designs of it so that it flows well with your space. 鈼 Let your antique be the show-stopper Keep all eyes on the antiques now! A bold antique home decorative item always makes a statement. It becomes the focal point in the room. Don't know how to do it? Well, a perfect home decorative item to make a statement would be a chandelier or metal wall decor that stands out in the room. You can also add a vibrant hand wall painting to add life to the walls of your room. To grab some of the most remarkable hand wall paintings, visit our website now! Remember to not go overboard with the interior design. Minimalistic home decorative items make the room aesthetics look more eye-catching. 鈼 Keep them accessible Always remember that antiques also have a functional value along with aspirational value. You must not just keep them out of reach, as a home decorative item, but also as a useful resource. Keep them accessible. Make a place for antiques on your coffee tables, shelves, slabs and walls. Some home decorative items like hand wall paintings and metal wall decor would just add aesthetic vibes to the room. Yet, understand that it's important to add such decorative items too - Masterpieces that turn your room into no less than a dream. 鈼 Mixing antiques of different styles and eras When it comes to antique home decorative items, don't limit yourself to just one style. Experiment, experiment, experiment! You can mix and match an antique wall clock decor with a contemporary hand wall painting. It will add layers to your room aesthetics. Adding on, putting up different sized mirrors, metal wall art and contemporary hand wall paintings would maintain the eclectic vibe of the space. This sort of arrangement of the home decorative items would make your room look as charming as ever. It would convince your guests that smart efforts are put in to make it a dream home! For buying, astounding antique home decorative items, you must gaze through our website. 鈼 Keep it minimal One of the most stupid mistakes people make while decorating their home is overdoing it. You must understand that your home is not a canvas filled with colours and designs & elements. Keep it minimal and classy. A plane wall with classic metal wall art would look stunning as ever. Since antiques are already heavy home decorative items, it's best to stick to the basics like mirrors, metal wall art, hand wall paintings, etc. (You can also find magnificent wall mirrors on our website!) Keep in mind that the less cluttered your interiors are, the more sophisticated they look. 鈼 More lights! It is a tip not just for antique home decor but also a door to breathtaking interiors. Light plays a significant role. You can juggle around with colours and patterns in the lighting of a space. More brightness will highlight the detailings in the antique home decorative items even more. For example, a metal wall art (gold, silver or bronze) would shine bright in the right light, catching everyone's gaze. For putting up a hand wall painting, pretty lights would elevate the essence of the room instantly. Each colour in the hand wall painting would stand out, grabbing everyone's attention. Want to make a home that makes a mark? You can certainly not do it without antique home decorative items. From hand wall paintings and mirrors to metal wall decor & accent tables, each home decorative item in your modern household gives it a unique essence. Hence, when you wish to incorporate antique home decorative items in your home, browse well through the options, compare and then decide. You can get some of the most seamless antiques and modern pieces online (like our own website!). Remember these tips the next time you think of adding some antique decoration to your place to turn it into your dream home! Source url- https://www.dekorcompany.com/blogs/news/how-to-incorporate-antiques-into-your-home-decoration
Working digitally? Find a perfect office for your company
The days when the workspace has only been a physical venue are already gone. Today鈥檚 instant access environment has diluted the lines between the core office space and the place where work is actually performed. Nowadays, lots of people prefer to transform the way they work to become more productive and reach career aspirations in the most efficient and quickest mode. The work-life balance is turned upside down, the distinction between the professional and personal lives is dissolved, and the workspace often becomes truly digital, which allows people to communicate and collaborate in unparalleled ways. Modern entrepreneurs and employees understand that there is much more to digital working than simply using e-mail. Currently, there are lots of office buildings for rent that are ready to serve the needs of people practising digital working style. But, how to find the perfect office in case you are a freelancer or a digital nomad? Further on, you will find some great ideas that will help you to get the best possible workplace for digital working. A digital workspace and its benefits Productive business relationships are not necessarily bound to the natural workgroups and physical office premises, but, on the contrary, go beyond their limits. Business proprietors鈥 and employees鈥 needs are fluctuating, so is the workspace concept. To accurately reflect people鈥檚 changing working experience, the leading commercial space providers have begun to implement an entirely different workspace - a digital one. Sometimes also called a virtual office space, a digital workspace brings all the tenant鈥檚 resources(operating systems, apps, and files) into one place and provides cloud storage or board that allows professionals to officially conduct their entrepreneurial activities from a credible business location. Besides ensuring safe remote access to all the essential information, digital workspaces allow tenants to improve their businesses recognition in the competitive global business arena. Specially-trained staff can take care of the operational part of work, letting tenants concentrate on more important business affairs. The key benefits of the digital workspace are flexibility, cost-efficiency, better customer service, higher retention rates, etc. How to find the best office for digital working Today, much of the work is tied up to technologies. The availability of these or those tools is an essential feature of the particular digital workspace. In order to choose the best one for your business, you should compile the list of facilities you require and then find the most appropriate package offered by the landlord. The location that your business will be established in also matters a lot. Finally, you should decide on the money you are ready to invest in the rent of the workspace, while different digital offices are leased out for different sums of money. Factors, which influence the price asked for rent are the location of the virtual office and the provided facilities on-site. The key to business success lies in the effective implementation of the digital workspace strategy in the working culture. Embrace the evolution in the CRE industry by yourself and let your business get all the advantages that come along with the digital workspace rent.
Thi岷縯 k岷 nh脿 th峄 h峄 5 gian cho d貌ng h峄 Nguy峄卬 C岷h t岷 Ngh峄 An
Nh脿 th峄 t峄檆 l脿 n啤i th峄 c煤ng t峄 ti锚n, 么ng b脿 hay nh脿 th峄 t峄檆 膽峄乽 膽瓢峄 xem l脿 kho岷g tr峄憂g linh thi锚ng, t么n nghi锚m nh岷 膽峄 b峄檆 l峄 s峄 t瓢峄焠g nh峄 c峄 con c谩i v峄沬 么ng b脿 膽茫 khu岷. ch铆nh v矛 v岷瓂 nh脿 th峄 t峄檆 lu么n 膽c gia ch峄 ngh末 k峄 x芒y d峄眓g sao cho v峄玜 khan trang, 岷 c煤ng v脿 v峄玜 h峄 phong th峄 膽峄 mang 膽岷縩 t脿i v岷璶 t峄憈 cho d貌ng h峄. Trong b脿i vi岷縯 n脿y, ACC Home mu峄憂 gi峄沬 thi峄噓 膽岷縩 qu媒 ch峄 膽岷 t瓢 m岷玼 thi岷縯 k岷 nh脿 th峄 h峄 5 gian mang v岷 膽岷筽 truy峄乶 th峄憂g v岷 膽岷筽 c峄 n茅t ho脿i c峄 v峄玜 膽瓢峄 ACC Home ho脿n th脿nh Th么ng tin v峄 c么ng tr矛nh nh脿 th峄 h峄 5 gian T锚n c么ng tr矛nh: Thi岷縯 k岷 nh脿 th峄 h峄 5 gian b锚 t么ng gi岷 g峄 cho d貌ng h峄 Nguy峄卬 C岷h T峄昻g di峄噉 t铆ch khu 膽岷: 50x38m T峄昻g di峄噉 t铆ch c么ng tr矛nh: 25x16m聽 Ch峄 膽岷 t瓢: Ch煤 Nguy峄卬 C岷h Ph瓢啤ng 膼峄媋 ch峄: Ngh峄 An Ch峄 tr矛 thi岷縯 k岷: kts Kh瓢啤ng V膬n M岷h 膼啤n v峄 thi岷縯 k岷: C脭NG TY C峄 PH岷 T漂 V岷 THI岷綯 K岷 & 膼岷 T漂 X脗Y D峄癗G ACCHOME C岷 t岷 c峄 nh脿 th峄 h峄 5 gian M岷穞 ti峄乶 nh脿 th峄 h峄 5 gian d貌ng h峄 Nguy峄卬 C岷h Nh脿 th峄 h峄 膽瓢峄 ACC Home thi岷縯 k岷 nh瓢 1 gian nh脿 c峄 x瓢a, v峄沬 5 gian v脿 膽瓢峄 chia theo t峄 l峄 theo c么ng n膬ng c谩c ph貌ng nh瓢 sau: 3 gian gi峄痑 l脿m n啤i th峄 c煤ng ch铆nh & ti岷縫 kh谩ch, 2 gian c貌n l岷 d霉ng 膽峄 l脿m n啤i sinh ho岷, b岷縫 膬n & ng峄 v脿 ngh峄 ng啤i t岷 th峄漣. V峄沬 5 gian nh脿 nh瓢 v岷瓂, nh脿 th峄 t峄 ti锚n c贸 th峄 膽谩p 峄﹏g 膽瓢峄 kh么ng gian th峄 ph峄g tho岷 m谩i v脿 trang nghi锚m, c貌n b岷 膽岷 an to脿n di峄噉 t铆ch r峄檔g r茫i cho con ch谩u sinh ho岷 ngh峄 ng啤i v脿o nh峄痭g d峄媝 l峄 t岷縯 c贸 s峄 ki峄噉 c峄 d貌ng h峄. 膼芒y 膽岷 b岷 t铆nh th岷﹎ m峄 cho nh峄痭g khu nh脿 th峄 h峄 5 gian di峄噉 t铆ch 膽岷 c峄 ch峄 膽岷 t瓢 ph岷 b岷 膽岷 tr锚n 80m2. Ph峄慽 c岷h nh脿 th峄 h峄 5 gian Ph峄慽 c岷h ph铆a ngo脿i c么ng tr矛nh nh脿 th峄 h峄 M峄漣 b岷 膽峄峜 c霉ng tham kh岷 b岷 thi岷縯 k岷 do 膽峄檌 ng农 ki岷縩 tr煤c s瓢 ACC Home k岷縯 h峄 c霉ng d貌ng h峄 Nguy峄卬 C岷h th峄眂 hi峄噉, 膽峄 c贸 th锚m 媒 t瓢峄焠g cho c么ng tr矛nh nh脿 th峄 h峄 c峄 m矛nh. H峄 c峄檛 tr峄 nh脿 th峄 h峄 B瓢峄沜 v脿o gia vi锚n, d峄 d脿ng b岷痶 g岷穚 h峄 th峄憂g c峄檛 t峄 tr峄 b岷眓g 膽谩 膽峄 s峄 v峄沬 nh峄痭g 膽瓢峄漬g n茅t ch岷 kh岷痗 tinh t岷 c霉ng c谩c h矛nh th霉 膽c ch岷 kh岷痗 v么 c霉ng t峄 m峄 峄 ph岷 膽峄塶h c峄檛. S峄 d峄g 膽谩 膽峄 l脿m c峄檛 tr峄 cho c膬n nh脿 th峄 h峄 5 gian s岷 gi煤p cho n膬ng l瓢峄g 芒m d瓢啤ng c峄 c么ng tr矛nh 膽瓢峄 c芒n b岷眓g, gi煤p cho con ch谩u lu么n b矛nh an h岷h ph煤c, gia t峄檆 lu么n ph谩t tri峄僴 Ngo脿i ra, c谩c c峄檛 tr峄 th岷硁g 膽峄﹏g b岷眓g 膽谩 c貌n th峄 hi峄噉 s峄 uy nghi b峄 th岷, s峄 v峄痭g ch岷痗 tr瓢峄漬g t峄搉 nh瓢 ch岷 li峄噓 c峄 膽谩, ngo脿i ra 膽谩 c貌n c贸 c么ng d峄g tr岷 y峄僲 膽岷 v脿 xua 膽u峄昳 t脿 kh铆 kh么ng cho t脿 kh铆 v脿o ph铆a trong c么ng tr矛nh. V矛 mang 媒 ngh末a r岷 t峄憈 trong phong th峄 n锚n c谩c c峄檛, tr峄 膽谩 v峄痭g ch茫i 膽瓢峄 nhi峄乽 th岷 phong th峄 r岷 cao khi x芒y d峄眓g c么ng tr矛nh t峄 膽瓢峄漬g. c贸 th峄 n贸i r岷眓g, 膽芒y l脿 1 trong nh峄痭g chi ti岷縯 膽岷穋 bi峄噒 t么n l锚n v岷 膽岷筽 c峄 nh峄痭g c么ng tr矛nh nh脿 th峄 h峄. 5 gian th峄 ch铆nh H峄 c峄檛 ph铆a ngo脿i聽 Nh脿 th峄 ch铆nh 膽瓢峄 c谩c ki岷縩 tr煤c s瓢 ACC Home thi岷縯 k岷 theo d岷g h矛nh ch峄 Nh岷 v峄沬 m谩i ng贸i m农i h脿i truy峄乶 th峄憂g, h峄 m谩i 膽瓢峄 thi岷縯 k岷 m谩i b岷眓g ph岷硁g kh么ng u峄憂 cong nh瓢 m峄檛 s峄 c么ng tr矛nh nh脿 th峄 h峄 kh谩c. Ki峄僽 thi岷縯 k岷 n脿y 膽em l岷 n茅t c峄 k铆nh, g岷 g农i cho c么ng tr矛nh t峄 膽瓢峄漬g 5 gian, Khi x芒y d峄眓g kh么ng c岷 ph岷 c岷 k峄 nh瓢ng 膽貌i h峄廼 ng瓢峄漣 th峄 ph岷 am hi峄僽 v峄 ki岷縩 tr煤c nh脿 th峄 h峄, hi峄僽 v峄 v膬n h贸a truy峄乶 th峄憂g x瓢a. Th峄 thi c么ng c峄 ACC Home ho脿n to脿n c贸 th峄 th峄眂 hi峄噉 膽c 膽i峄乽 膽贸. Ph铆a tr瓢峄沜 s芒n c峄 c么ng tr矛nh nh脿 th峄 h峄 5 gian n脿y 膽瓢峄 膽岷穞 m峄檛 l瓢 h瓢啤ng l峄沶 膽峄 ti峄噉 cho con ch谩u v脿 du kh谩ch 膽岷縩 ch啤i c煤ng b谩i, th峄 hi峄噉 膽瓢峄 t岷 l貌ng th脿nh c峄 con ch谩u v脿 ng瓢峄漣 th峄 ph峄g. Ngo脿i 媒 ngh末a 膽谩p 峄﹏g vi峄嘽 th峄 ph峄g cho con ch谩u b谩i t岷 v脿o nh峄痭g ng脿y r岷眒 ng脿y l峄 l峄沶, b峄 膽峄塶h 峄 v峄 tr铆 tr瓢峄沜 nh脿 th峄 h峄 trong phong th峄 c貌n mang 媒 ngh末a tr瓢峄漬g th峄, mang c岷 s峄 h脿i h貌a c峄 膽岷 tr峄漣 v脿 芒m d瓢啤ng, c貌n c贸 c么ng d峄g tr谩nh t脿 kh铆 cho gia 膽矛nh. Ti峄僽 c岷h s芒n v瓢峄漬 Ph岷 khu么n vi锚n ph铆a ngo脿i c峄 nh脿 th峄 h峄 thi岷縯 k岷 ti峄僽 c岷h s芒n v瓢峄漬 c貌n l脿 1 ph岷 r岷 quan tr峄峮g khi design c么ng tr矛nh t峄 膽瓢峄漬g 5 gian b峄焛 c岷 c芒n b岷眓g gi峄痑 c谩c y岷縰 t峄 芒m d瓢啤ng, phong th峄, v脿 h瓢峄沶g 膽岷, th岷 膽岷 膽峄 kh么ng b峄 xung kh铆, mang l岷 t脿i l峄檆, b矛nh an cho d貌ng h峄. ng脿y nay, c谩c m岷玼 thi岷縯 k岷 khu么n vi锚n ph峄慽 h峄 di峄噉 t铆ch xanh r岷 膽瓢峄 y锚u th铆ch b峄焛 c贸 c芒y xanh s岷 gi煤p kh么ng gian nh脿 th峄 t峄檆 th锚m t瓢啤i m谩t, h脿i h貌a v峄沬 thi锚n nhi锚n & 膽岷 tr峄漣. V峄沬 t峄昻g di峄噉 t铆ch khu 膽岷 x芒y d峄眓g 520m2, gia vi锚n 膽瓢峄 thi岷縯 k岷 r岷 r峄檔g gi煤p c谩c ki岷縩 tr煤c s瓢 kh么ng ph岷 b岷璶 t芒m qu谩 nhi峄乽 v峄 vi峄嘽 ph芒n chia c么ng n膬ng c谩c c么ng tr矛nh. Khu v峄眂 峄 ch铆nh gi峄痑 c峄 m岷h 膽岷 l脿 nh脿 th峄 t峄檆 uy nghi锚m, trang tr峄峮g ph铆a tr瓢峄沜 l脿 s芒n r峄檔g 膽i峄乽 h貌a kh么ng kh铆 cho c膬n nh脿 th峄 h峄, 2 b锚n v脿 ph铆a sau l脿 nh峄痭g c芒y c峄 th峄 nh瓢 c芒y, nh茫n, c芒y 膽岷, c芒y sung, c芒y t霉ng, c芒y v岷 th峄, c芒y cau... c贸 nhi峄乽 n膬m tu峄昳 t岷 c岷h quan tuy峄噒 膽岷筽 cho c么ng tr矛nh. 膼峄 b岷 v峄 kh么ng gian nh脿 th峄 t峄 c峄 d貌ng h峄 Nguy峄卬 C岷h kh么ng b峄 qu岷 nhi峄卽, C谩c ki岷縩 tr煤c s瓢 ACC Home thi岷縯 k岷 s峄 d峄g t瓢峄漬g bao b岷眓g g岷h xung quanh ch岷痗 ch岷痭 & k铆n k岷, ch煤ng li锚n k岷縯 v峄沬 nhau v峄沬 h峄 th峄憂g c谩c c峄檛 v脿 quy t峄 t岷 khu v峄眂 c峄昻g nh脿 th峄 t峄檆 v峄沬 m谩i 1 t岷g. tuy r岷眓g kh么ng c贸 nhi峄乽 h峄峚 ti岷縯 膽峄 trang tr铆 tr锚n t瓢峄漬g r脿o, nh瓢ng v峄沬 s峄 s岷痯 x岷縫 n脿y l岷 t岷 n锚n s峄 tinh t岷 v脿 nh茫 nh岷穘 m脿 ko l脿m m岷 膽i s峄 t么n nghi锚m c峄 nh脿 t峄 膽瓢峄漬g. C峄璦 g峄 Lim Nh脿 th峄 h峄 v峄沬 ki岷縩 tr煤c 5 gian, c岷 tr煤c b锚 t么ng s啤n gi岷 g峄, th岷 nh瓢ng c峄璦 th矛 l岷 膽瓢峄 l脿m b岷眓g g峄 lim cao c岷 th岷璽 100%. H峄 th峄憂g t瓢峄漬g g岷h 膽瓢峄 thi岷縯 k岷 thi c么ng tr谩t v峄痑 ho脿n ch峄塶h nh岷眒 膽em l岷 t峄昻g th峄 cho c么ng tr矛nh 膽em l岷 c岷 gi谩c g岷 g农i, kh么ng xa l岷 cho ng瓢峄漣 xem. B岷璫 thang ng农 c岷 Tr瓢峄沜 m岷穞 ti峄乶 c峄 c膬n nh脿 th峄 h峄 n脿y l脿 b岷璫 thang ng农 c岷 膽瓢峄 c谩c ki岷縩 tr煤c s瓢 thi岷縯 k岷 theo 膽煤ng quy lu岷璽 sinh- l茫o- b峄噉h - t峄 c峄 con ng瓢峄漣 b锚n cu峄慽 cu峄慽 c霉ng l脿 b岷璫 s峄 5 ph岷 r啤i v脿o cung sinh gi煤p cho d貌ng h峄 lu么n b矛nh an. 膼啤n v峄 thi岷縯 k岷 nh脿 th峄 h峄 5 gian uy t铆n B岷眓g kinh nghi峄噈 thi岷縯 k岷 v脿 thi c么ng h啤n 12 n膬m qua, th峄眂 hi峄噉 nhi峄乽 c么ng tr矛nh d峄 谩n l峄沶 nh峄 kh谩c nhau tr锚n m峄峣 mi峄乶 c峄 t峄 qu峄慶, ACC Home ch岷痗 ch岷痭 s岷 gi煤p qu媒 ch峄 膽岷 t瓢 g矛n gi峄 膽瓢峄 nh峄痭g gi谩 tr峄 v膬n h贸a truy峄乶 th峄憂g b岷眓g nh峄痭g c么ng tr矛nh nh脿 th峄 h峄 ch岷 l瓢峄g, 膽岷 b岷 膽煤ng thu岷 phong m峄 t峄 c峄 c谩c d貌ng h峄. N岷縰 qu媒 ch峄 膽岷 t瓢 膽ang t矛m ki岷縨 m峄檛 膽啤n v峄 thi岷縯 k岷 nh脿 th峄 h峄 uy t铆n 膽峄 thi岷縯 k岷 v脿 thi c么ng cho nh脿 th峄 h峄 cho d貌ng h峄 nh脿 m矛nh c贸 th峄 li锚n h峄 v峄沬 ACC Home theo s峄 膽i峄噉 tho岷 0977. 703.776 ho岷穋 h貌m th瓢 膽i峄噉 t瓢 thietkenhathohodep@gmail.com.