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This happened last year, but I had never heard the story until now. A Finnish kayaker was out on a lake when he saw something struggling in the water. Upon inspection, he saw that this own was struggling!! It seems the own somehow got itself into a bad situation; the kayaker pulled it to the kayak. It ended up flying away after it dried off on shore! While this is an awesome rescue story, he's lucky that he was able to help the owl without causing any harm to himself or the animal! I know I've come across a few seemingly hurt animals while hiking, and it's always something that you have to decide carefully: should I try to help, or would I be making it worse? Sometimes, I'm sure I've made a bad choice when I leave an animal behind, but often, there isn't anything I can do. I'm glad this owl was able to be rescued from its trouble!
Wow, it's so lucky!!! Very cool of the kayaker to act quickly and not be afriad to try and help it
@YulikGuler @kristenadams yes!! the owl was very fortunate in this case
This is so cute!! I'm glad he was able to help this little guy out :)
oww baby owl :)