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Skrillex - Summit (Feat Ellie Goulding)
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I'm not entirely sure why I chose this song today. It's already played 4 times on shuffle so far today (out of a library of over 5,000 tracks) so I'm taking it as a sign. This is perhaps somewhat strange but I tend to use this song to cool down (I honestly just wrote 'warm down' >.<) to after a work out - something about the beats that I love combined with a slower tempo and vocals from the lovely Ellie Goulding just make it seem appropriate. Favourite cool down song guys?
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I still can't believe that they dated. I've been a fan of Sonny since he was in From First to Last so I never pictured the little screamo punk dating someone as sweet as Ellie! I really like instrumental music to cool down. I focus too much on lyrics when I'm listening to music so an instrumental helps me zone.