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Plus-sized women often hide behind bulky clothes and bland fashions. You’ve been told, for far too long, that curves are not acceptable. Now is the time to stop hiding behind clothes and start wearing clothes that flatter your figure instead. Try these sizzling hot summer trends for your summer wardrobe. Rely on Maxi Dresses These are the go to essentials of any full figure summer wardrobe. They are perfect for keeping your cool no matter how hot the temperatures outside becomes and they flatter your figure. Look for maxi dresses that have fun prints and that match your personality. You can wear them out for a day in the sun and pair them with the right accessories for a night on the town. Consider Horizontal Striped Dresses Wide horizontal stripes draw the eye up and down giving the illusion of length rather than width. It’s a very attractive and flattering look, especially in longer dresses. Buy Body Contouring Dresses If you want to turn your level of summer sizzle up a notch or two, consider wearing body contouring dresses. These dresses are designed to flatter fuller figures by creating the illusion of curves with clever patterns, prints, and designs. Some use color blocking techniques while others use creative prints to present a shapelier visage. Others do a little more with body control panels built into the dresses themselves. These panels provide their own shaping and, in some cases, lifting, for even further flattering effects. Accessorize Appropriately Accessories can make or break any summer outfit, especially when you choose accessories appropriate for your size. Whether you choose a wrap to wear over your maxi dress (especially wise if you are self-conscious about your upper arms) or making the right jewelry and bracelet choices, it’s important to use accessories that take attention away from troubled areas rather than drawing attention to them. For instance, choose long necklaces with thin, delicate chains that are likely to create the image of more length rather than clunky chokers that make your neck seem shorter. The same philosophy holds true with wraps and jackets. Choose lightweight materials that fit and wear them open for another opportunity to create an elongated image. When you make the right figure flatting fashion choices, like these, for summer, you’ll feel more confident facing the world no matter how full your figure may be.
I haven't been able to make Maxi dresses work for me, but I'm all about body contouring dresses! There's always a way to find one that showcases the part of the body you think looks best.
@sjeanyoon I think some patterns can work but I don't know what people are thinking when they wear thick horizontal stripes!
I like the shawl in the second photo. It is short enough to show off her great waist!
I have the problem that I love clunky necklaces, but hate accepting that they don't always work depending on the neckline! I'll just have to go without necklaces for the summer I guess!!
I LOVE that you mention horizontal stripes, though! They can work if they're thick enough @kristenadams you just have to pair them with the right cut.
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