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Well, here's a place I never thought I'd fish: a shopping mall. Do you think they'd let me cast a line in here? hah. This shopping mall in Bangkok was built and then partially demolished because it was too big, and then someone decided to breed exotic koi and catfish. The fish have since grown to be their own population. I wouldn't actually fish these guys, but it's a pretty cool discovery in an abandoned building.
@Yulikguler Still, those fish are HUGE! I wouldn't mess with them!!
@kristenadams Why not ? :) this it not piranias )))
@TeamWaffles definitely a bit strange, but also eerie and cool.
this is really cool. Nature taking back our developments in a very strange way
My friends backyard flooded once and his koi pond overflowed into the yard. Not quite as many koi but it was still cool to see them in his yard hahaha
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