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If you are a fan of Instagram then you have probably heard of Dan Bilzerian. His lavish lifestyle involving high-stakes poker playing, exotic cars, military firearms, high budget acting roles, and expensive accessories, and nearly naked women has attracted quite the following on Instagram. Three million, eighty-eight thousand followers to be exact. From his Instagram profile you might think you know a bit about him. Well I'm here to tell you that Mr. Bilzerian is not exactly the man he makes himself out to be. 1st Claim: Kicked out of the the Navy SEALs Bilzerian claims he was kicked out of Navy SEALs training two days before graduation for calling his superior some not-so-kind words. In reality, Bilzerian was honorably discharged from the military. For reasons only his superiors really fully know back in the military. 2nd Claim: Successful Poker Player With multiple Instagram posts about playing and winning big as a high stakes poker player, many people would think he was a very successful player. This is not the case. The largest sum Bilzerian has successful won is $385,000 for driving his 1965 AC Cobra faster than Tom Goldstein's Ferrari 458 Italia. What is his largest reported gain from actually playing poker you ask? $36,626 In other news, Dan's brother Paul Bilzerian is a successful poker player. Maybe Dan is just looking up to his brother? 3rd Claim: He Constantly Lives on the Edge From the looks of it, Bilzerian seems to be living every bachelors dream like. Skydiving, jumping sand dunes in a car, going wild at concerts, and drinking all night with celebrities. However, this seems to be far from the truth as well. Bilzerian, age 33, has had 2 heart attacks in the last 3 years. Although this is no laughing matter, Bilzerian seems to keep up appearances of living the ultimate playboy lifestyle. All in all, Dan wouldn't be the first person to make some false claims on the internet. Can we hate him for that? Despite all the false things Bilzeran seems to say about his life, he still is a great follow on Instagram.
I thought he got all of his money from poker! His instagram is insane. I don't follow him but I check it every once in a while and his life is completely ridiculous.
How have I never heard of this guy before? He's insane!
It really ticks me off that he could be using all this money for so many other things. I wouldnt care about his lifestyle if he even spent the tiniest bit helping others :/
@caricakes Beats me, but somehow I think living a "normal" life by comparison has been just fine for me.
How did he even get this rich/famous?
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