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I was raised in a home with multiple telescopes, some of which are still larger than I am. My dad would drag the whole family, and often the whole neighbourhood, out to the backyard to watch eclipses, transits, meteor showers, you name it! Because of that I have always been fascinated by all these strange things that happen in the sky. Solar flares/eruptions are terrifying because I keep thinking they're going to do something ridiculous like burn the satellite that gives me cell reception, (hahaha) but theyy sure are beautiful! A solar eruption is a sudden flash of brightness observed over the Sun's surface or the solar limb, which is interpreted as a large energy release. "This amazing composite image taken by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (Little SDO) shows a series of significant solar eruptions that occurred over a period of three days in January of 2013. The photo was created using three wavelengths of light that have been colorized in red, green, and blue to better show the dynamics of each eruption."
I have always loved space photography. It's crazy how far we can see into space now (thanks hubble telescope!)
This is rad! I like to watch satellites pass over my house, but I've definitely never seen solar flare
I don't think I've ever seen a composite image from NASA before. This is fascinating!
I remember learning about solar flares in science class in middle school and was scared of them for a while too haha at least they are beautiful when they are harmless! This is a gorgeous photo!