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for all those into "love" n "friendship" or juggling with the two.. this is the perfect choice.. my personal favorite.. ITWY, starring Ariel Lin n Bolin Chen, is a story about two friends who are in love with each other and yet cannot love each other.. it is a sweet n touching story that will move you.. it is so real that you can actually relate to it in some way or the other.. there are smiles n tears.. but trust me, it is worth a watch.. my personal recommendation for all drama lovers!!!
Oh my! Still haven't seen this drama! I bought the cd years ago but still haven't got time to watch it :( i've seen the first two episodes
oh..hope you find it somewhere!!
loving this drama but i couldn't find a site a site to watch it.. my hotspot shield is acting up on me again so i cojuldn't watch a viki vid..=(
@SerenaLee they never come to India.. none of them :(
OMG, this is one of my favorite drama! Actually 2 weeks ago, Chenbolin came to Korea, and I had a chance to participate in Fanmeeting, but I couldn't go. So sad..... I wish I could see Chenbolin in person!!!