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Based on experiences from the past two years, here are some tips you may want to consider if you're attending KCON 2014! - Wear comfortable shoes! This is super important since you will probably be walking and standing all day in order to check out all the booths and activities during the two-day convention. There is also the concert(s) at night so be nice to your feet. ^^ - Backpack over purses There's no telling what you'll be tempted to buy, so make sure you don't have to deal with the hassle of carrying them because your purse is too small. - Water bottle policy In the past years, water bottles were not allowed into the venue. Although it isn't clear that they'll continue the ban for 2014, it might be better to keep your bottle at home to avoid wasting and throwing it away. Just remember to bring money so you can buy beverages to stay hydrated! - Camera policy KCON has stated that any camera, including DSLRs, is allowed during the convention, but DSLRs will not be permitted during the concert. However, carrying a DSLR during the convention can be inconvenient to you and dangerous for the sake of your expensive camera and lens. Think carefully so that you won't regret your decision~ DOs and DON'Ts - DON'T forget to eat - DON'T be that one fan that ruins the experience for others - DON'T forget that celebrities are also people - DO be respectful to staff, they're also trying to keep you safe! - DO have fun :) If you have any more helpful tips, add a card and I can clip it to this collection~~
@KoreanAddict :(( hopefully next year!!
@KoreanAddict August 9-10 ^^
@eunhaelin, omg, I'm going to start saving up!
@eunhaelin, thanks!!! I wish I could go D:
When exactly is KCON?
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