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Monte sites profissionais, sem nenhum conhecimento técnico
Tudo já foi criado pelos nossos melhores designers, você só precisa escolher. Apenas ativando funcionalidades, sem a ajuda de nenhuma agência, você cria sites para empresas, blogs e catálogos para seus produtos. O que é o Radoox? O Radoox é mais um sistema desenvolvido pela BQHost, criado para pessoas sem nenhum conhecimento técnico, montar e atualizar seu próprio site, blog ou catálogo de produtos. O sistema foi criadopara proprietários de empresas e agências,que necessitam criar um site, blog ou catálogo de produtos, de forma profissional e rápida. Como funciona o sistema de criação de sites com o Radoox? 1) Escolha o que precisa criar Você pode criar um site para sua empresa, um blog, ou um catálogo para seus produtos; 2) Ative um topo e rodapé Escolha um topo e rodapé (entre vários disponíveis) que aparecerão no seu site; 3) Ative as funcionalidades Com um clique, ative funcionalidades como notícias, produtos, serviços, cardápio, entre outras; 4) Seu site profissional está pronto! Após incluir seu conteúdo, seu site profissional já estará pronto para mostrar aos seus clientes. Com o Radoox, seu site terá 3 versões: para computador, celular e tablet. Tenha um site em várias versões e com uma responsividade profissional. Várias funcionalidades, todas gerenciáveis! Com mais de 15 anos desenvolvendo sites, sabemos da importância dos nossos clientes terem um site com conteúdo 100% gerenciável. Ative, inclua, mostre! Conheça o Radoox em:
Which digital platform is perfect for launching digital products?
It’s a Very Good Idea to launch Digital Products. Many Entrepreneurs are working on it and earn lots of money from the e-products. First of all, You have to be clear about which types of product you want to launch. There are many digital products around you like e-books, online courses, audio products, graphical products, web templates. However, More than 252,000 new websites are created globally each and every day. It’s a very big competition but not hard to attract people with the right content and about every topic area you can think of. Making money online is no longer and hard game of putting some banner ads, taking sponsored content, and implementing from your favorite brands, Selling paid content like Website themes, Photography, podcasts. Sure those are all viable monetization strategies or paid content. There are many options or platforms to launch your e products like Amazon Kindle, Spotify, Shutterstock, Envato Market. Amazon Kindle : Amazon Kindle is a Device and Mobile Application that designed and marketed by Amazon. Amazon is one of the best platform to sell eBooks online as it has millions of users from the whole world. So you can easily sell your ebooks. Spotify : Spotify is one platform that’s quickly becoming a favorite among podcasters. This music streaming application is giant than iTunes. Spotify is definitely one podcast directory that you’ll want to be in and upload your podcast. Shutterstock : Shutterstock is a pricing and licenses library and great quality content platform for buy and sell. You can sell your best photos on it and get $2 to $5 for each and every photo. Envato Market : Envato Market is a niche marketplace where creators can sell their items directly to customers. Authors upload their work, users buy and license the item, and creators earn money. For Example, Many web design company in auckland sell their website HTML template on it.
About Fadewblogs and Shoaib Rahman
Fadewblogs is an independent online magazine and blog. As a company, Fadewblogs is a trademark of Fadew Inc. Founded in September 2017, by internet entrepreneur Shoaib Rahman, Fadewblogs now delivers reliable, useful, and interesting, but most importantly practical articles and content. We don’t care about trends; we care about things that matter to our audience and fulfilling their interests. We are — and always have been — independent. 4+ years, and still ongoing. Our Goal At Fadewblogs, we publish and share contents that are likely to be of value to our readers. Our goal is to deliver and share quality content from all over the internet, that is worth looking upon, at the same time, building a spontaneous community. Quality matters the most Stories that matter — has been the motto of our magazine from the start, and we are committed to holding onto it as we proceed through time. We care about quality content. We never ever wanted to be a big online publishing house: Our team is small, but it’s a truly wonderful team of people who really care about what they do. Passionate and dedicated. Honest and respectful. Professional but informal. Quirky and personal. All articles are carefully curated, edited, and prepared according to the high standards set in the magazine’s publishing policy. These guidelines are continually revised and updated to ensure that the quality of the published content is never compromised. Fadewblogs is always expanding to provide more quality content. The Fadewblogs team The articles and other types of content published in Fadewblogs are by various native authors and contributors, which are reviewed, overseen, and approved by the editorial team. Fadewblogs also publishes audience-submitted content that meets our publishing policies and maintains a certain standard. In addition, we operate as a content aggregation website, that is, we share content on our website by non-affiliated authors and content creators (with their permission, maintaining and abiding by all sorts of copyrights) from all over the internet, which we think might benefit our readers.