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Why is Cold-Rolled Steel costlier than Hot-rolled steel?

There are two steel rolling methods used by manufacturers, the hot-rolling method and the cold-rolling method. Both types have a different set of properties owing to the difference in their manufacturing methods. While hot-rolled steel is formed by heating steel above the recrystalisation temperature and then rolling it, cold-rolled steel is formed by further processing hot-rolled steel in the cooling mill. As a result, cold-rolled products have various advantages over hot-rolled products. Also, the cold-rolling method consumes more time and requires more effort. These are the main reasons behind cold-rolled products’ high price. Mentioned below are the various features of cold-rolled products that make them costlier as compared to hot-rolled products:
01 of 04 High Strength

The manufacturing process of cold-rolled steel products makes them sturdier than hot-rolled steel products. Since cold-rolled products like cold-rolled sheets are rolled at room temperature, strain hardening makes them sturdier. It is estimated that the cold-rolling method makes steel around 20 percent stronger than the hot-rolling method. This is one of the features that make it a costlier option.

02 of 04 Better Surface Finish

In many cases, you cannot use steel products that have a rough surface. Since cold-rolled products have a better surface finish than hot-rolled products, they are preferred in certain scenarios. Cold-rolled steel has fewer imperfections on the surface and helps to improve the aesthetic appeal of its applications. It is used in frying pans, home appliances, metal containers, computer cabinets, etc.

03 of 04 Tighter Tolerances

The cold-rolling method gives the steel a tighter tolerance than the hot-rolling method. In simpler words, tolerance can be defined as the thickness of the steel product. When a steel product has a tighter tolerance, it means that it is thinner compared to its counterparts without sacrificing strength and durability. All cold-rolled products have a tighter tolerance than hot-rolled products.

04 of 04 Various Options

While making cold-rolled steel, there are various methods you can use that include full-hard, half-hard, skin-rolled, and quarter-hard. Depending on the needs, the ideal cold-rolling method is chosen. For instance, if the cold-rolled product requires a tighter tolerance, the full-hard cold-rolling method is mostly preferred. By performing the full-hard cold-rolling method, you can reduce the thickness of steel by almost 50 percent without compromising strength. Although you can use the other methods as well, they are not as effective as the full-hard cold-rolling method.
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