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The much-awaited union: Wrist-Rock into the world of nostalgia with Timex & Coca-Cola

Let's go back a bit and remember the first step of Coca-Cola's legendary hilltop commercial with the simple loving statement, "I would like to buy the world a Coke® and keep it company," which took the world by storm with its peaceful music stunning the life of many. As this memory celebrates it's Golden Jubilee uniting with many other brands, Timex stands as one on the list introducing to you Timex Coca-Cola 1971, The Unity collection with 3 commemorative styles giving you a wristwatch buy online opportunity.
Why Timex?
The brand Timex goes hand in hand with the forever ticking style watch worldwide. It stands on the list of American brands having a rich history, being a right choice for many who are labeled as an enthusiast for watches. You can create your Timex story too.

Timex x Coca-Cola 1971, The Unity Collection
As usual, Timex, creating its masterpiece history, has now introduced its new collection, "Timex Coca-Cola 1971 The Unity Collection," with three commemorative watch designs. The style is as described below.
● The TW2V26000 model is Timex standard designed with a 40mm case having a Matte light cream dial, black leather tab plus black fabric, and red stitching strap.
● The TW2V25900 model comes under Timex T80, has a 34mm case with a 1971 artwork dial along with an adjustable stainless-steel bracelet. It also has a feature of the iconic Hilltop melody. This model best represents the Timex Coca-Cola Hilltop union also having a creative model design.
● The TW2V25800 is a Q Timex model with a 38mm case, Matte light cream dial, and adjustable stainless steel bracelet.

Other Timex Options
If you are looking forward to adding a mix of something unique and smart to your watch collection, make a move to buy the new Timex smartwatch - the Timex FIT 2.0. Whether you are looking for branded ladies' watches online or at the store, Timex is one brand that will take your breath away with its diverse and affordable collection of timepieces. The Timex FIT 2.0 comes with amazing features, keeping you up to date with the latest technologies. Here's a list of all the unique features that Timex FIT 2.0 provides you with -
● A full touch screen.
● Bluetooth calling system.
● Easy and quick notifications.
● Blood pressure, pulse oximetry, heart rate, and sleep recorder.
● A multiple watches faces system along with sports mode and remote camera.

If you also think that grabbing a bottle of Coke® on your way back home can ease out all the stress of the day, you definitely need a masterpiece watch that can help you keep time in perfect harmony! So, add a star to your style and get your hands on your favourite timepiece from the Timex x Coca-Cola 1971 Unity collection, and add a creative edge to your personality!