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Many of the weekly charts are made by looking at the SNS points a group can gain. Where do they come from? Hashtags on Twitter, views and comment on youtube, and shares. Is really simple to mess up with this and spamming or not giving views to your group. Because NU'EST comeback is really near we have to be well prepared to share, comment, tag linking, tag posts and view as many times as we can on youtube. First of all: HASHTAGS. If you follow the official NU'EST account on twitter, you just simply have to use the one they use by copy and past as written. (For ranking only the korean one is counted.) Sometimes fan bases do some projects with their trend. Be sure to follow your country fan base twitter or facebook or even tumblr to know about projects. Sometimes projects are made internationally, so as for the other cards, look at tumblr of facebook for them. When is time to trend the tag, DO NOT WRITE THE SAME MESSAGE all the times. It will be reported as spam and not counted. [Tip: If you reply to other fans on twitter and use hashtags each time in the conversation it will trend really fast. Take this as an opportunity to make new friends! The fandom is full of other L.O.V.E.s that will like to know you. @nuestchoiliamly is mine if you are shy with others.] Write everything that is in your mind: impression of the MV, simple and pure FANEXCITEMENT on how awesome they are, fanarts, gifs, everything! On youtube is a bit tricky. Clean you cookies often, every hours or even less. DO NOT pause or mute the video. To let the views count you have to refresh the page and change every five times so make a playlist with Re:Birth five times, then another song, then again Re:Birth for five times, it will be the best. DO NOT click replay, it won't count. If you can, use several accounts. Open Mozilla, and Opera and all the browsers you have. [Maxthon is free and it will let you open multiple windows without using the private one,] PLEASE wathch only the video of pledisnuest or 1theK. Share the video on facebook or where you like by clicking the button under the video. Don't simply copy and past the link, please. You can use hashtags also on facebook and instagram. Reade this article ( http://nuestnewsletter.tumblr.com/post/89015250858/guide-how-trending-works-l-o-e-support ) about hashtags made by nuestnewsletter
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