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Schlitterbahn's Verruckt was supposed to open in May, but has been pushed back to June, and now pushed back again, but its going to be the tallest water slide in the world, and I wanna try it! I've never said I wanted to go to Kansas before, but here we are. It's a bit scary that they keep delaying it, but I guess it's best that they take their time and perfect it before it's open to the community!
@pipeline yep!! you go up, and down, but i saw a few videos of it failing, and the raft just flyign off....I'm glad it didnt' open yet!!! @caricakes it's kind of terrifying hahahah I have the big drop moment!
I hate water slides and this looks like it would be my least favorite haha my heart would probably stop before I reached the bottom.
Wait it takes you UP too?! That's sick! I may be taking a road trip once it opens haha