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In the strain of pet-friendly vacations, I decided to focus once more on a trip you can take your furry friend on! This one is for dog owners only (sorry!) and offers a cool sightseeing opportunity of a cool city. In Chicago, there are many river tours available, but only Mercury tour allows dogs. This 90 minute tour around the waters of Chicago permits your furry friends, and can be a great way to take your pet our in the city, and enjoy some sightseeing without having to deal with tangled leashes trying to walk around the sights. This year, the tours are available: Hours: 10 a.m. Sundays July 6-Sept. 28, 2014 Admission: $31, $11 kids under 12, free kids under 3; $8 dog There's a newspaper lined restroom and large bowls of water on board, so you can keep your pet happy while you enjoy the lakes and rivers of Chicago. Plus, if your dog is friendly, perhaps you can make some other pet-loving family friends!
@Sjeanyoon he doesn't have to even get near the water, so maybe it'd be a fun way for him to enjoy it haha :)
I love this idea! My dog is petrified of water so I dont know if he'd enjoy this, but its a great idea for families