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Nowadays coming back to Korea is like coming home. Honestly, this place is like a second home to me. Coming back to Korea ultimately means meeting up with friends resulting in me getting to indulge in two of my favourite things; 파전 (pajeon) and 막걸리 (makgeoli)! Pajeon is a Korean pancake and makgeoli is Korean rice wine - both of which are utterly awesome and I miss them terribly when I'm not in Korea. The pajeon I can make at home but I just can't seem to find decent makgeoli in the UK (and I'd rather have no makgeoli than bad/cheap makgeoli). Although this picture is an old one (from one of last year's trips) I still love it - because basically this is me, every evening for the first week or two that I'm back in Korea.
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Every kinds of that i have tried. Like this rainy season the mixture of makgeoli and pa jeon is essential to survive
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@slingerman there's a really good makgeoli bar opposite the kids playground in Hongdae that's worth checking out. The honey makgeoli there is to die for~!
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Excessive drink is very harmful.
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@slingerman true - but I don't think she's saying that you should drink that much ;)
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@maryjane01 dont u have any joke? U look very serious on my words.
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