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Common name: Lake Whitefish Native. ID: 2 dorsal, 1 adipose fin. Short, cut off nose. Clear fins but green/brown back and silver sides. Life cycle: Spawns early winter in shall rock/sand waters. Less than 25 ft deep. Hatch in spring; go to deep water by early summer. Grow fast. Reach up to 20 lbs and more than 25 years old. Less common to see old fish because of over fishing and environmental problems. A popular fish in commercial industry, but few anglers have found the secrets to targeting the white fish. Those that have find it well worth it, because their taste is really great. Stick to very deep waters, especially in the summer. Food source: Delicate mouth (one reason its hard to catch) so eats shrimp, small fish and eggs and bottom creatures. Predators: Eggs eaten by yellow perch, burbot, ciscoes, other whitefish. Young whitefish eaten by trout, pike, walleye and more fish eaters. Adults eaten mostly by man. The second image is a pigeon lake whitefish.
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ive never even heard of a whitefish....