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Artist: Tim Bavington Title: Physical S.E.X. Date:2005Medium:Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, three panels Dimensions:6' x 13' 5" (182.9 x 408.9 cm) Description: "Bavington interprets rock-and-roll guitar solos by translating the sounds, beats, and rhythms of individual tracks into paint. Having elaborated his own twelve-hue color chart, he assigns a particular color to each note, and the width of each painted band corresponds to the note’s length. Black is used for pauses; it echoes the color of audio speakers and the look of obsolete "boom boxes." In this work the artist has rendered in visual terms a guitar solo from the song "Physical S.E.X.," by the contemporary British band Darkness. "Each part of the composition is presented in a specific order with a specific duration to a passive listener," Bavington notes of his painting. He invites viewers to "begin at different points, to scan and meander across the canvas, creating our own chronology."
@dillonk Lol, I guess he does have a Newman feel to him. I'm not too sure on the painting your talking about though, same thought but totally different aesthetic.
Beautiful work. He almost reminds me of Vir Heroicus Sublimis by Barnett Newman, just with a bit more color going on, hahaha.