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What makes mirrorless cameras a top choice among professionals?

The mechanism of a mirrorless camera is not as complex as a DSLRs. This is because they do not have a mirror box that bounces light to the viewfinder and sensor. Instead, light falls on the image sensor directly. As a result, the electronic viewfinder shows you a live preview of the scene. When you press the shutter button, the image sensor gets covered by a door. This door then slides down and exposes the image sensor to light. To stop the exposure, the door again slides up and covers the image sensor, which is when the picture is taken.
Professional photographers are finding the best mirrorless camera for professionals more beneficial owing to this unique build. The mechanism provides professional photographers various benefits that are not available with DSLRs. From a large sensor to better manual focus, a mirrorless camera is equipped with many features. Here are a few benefits that make mirrorless cameras a top choice among professionals:

Does not occupy a lot of space
Most professionals prefer a smaller camera as they have to carry a lot of camera gear with them while going to a shoot. This can include small lights, various lenses, external flash, a tripod, etc. Hence, it can be difficult to carry so many items if the camera body is big in size. Further, packing the lenses and the big camera body together in a camera bag can be quite difficult. As a result, you might need to carry additional luggage. A professional photographer will always avoid carrying additional luggage because it might make their task very difficult, especially if they are travelling.

Mirrorless cameras are smaller in size and can fit easily in a small bag with other camera equipment. This is because they do not have a mirror box inside to occupy more space.

Easy to carry
As a professional photographer, you do not want to carry heavy luggage. Over time, it will put a strain on your back, shoulder, and neck. This can prove to be very problematic for professional photographers. However, it is often not possible as lenses and other camera equipment are quite heavy. At times like this, a mirrorless camera proves to be very beneficial as it weighs less than other cameras. For instance, if your mirrorless camera weighs 100 gms, its DSLR equivalent will weigh more. Hence, you do not have to worry about your luggage getting heavy because of the camera body anymore.

Helps to maintain decorum
At any event, a professional photographer should always maintain decorum. You do not want to disturb the guests or attract unwanted attention while taking pictures. This also includes not making the constant noise of your shutter. DSLRs make a shutter noise that can easily be heard by the people standing near the camera. It can appear very unprofessional in any quiet event. Hence, mirrorless DSLR cameras are becoming a preferred choice for many photographers as they do not have a mirror box that makes the noise.